Z88 Developers' Notes
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GN_Esp, return an extended pointer to a system error message

RST 20H, DEFW $4C09


     A = system error code requesting a pointer to a string
     Fc = 0
     Fz = 1, error is fatal
     Fz = 0, useful error message
     BHL = pointer to error message string

Registers changed after return:
     A..CDE../IXIY same
     .FB...HL/.... different
The following is a list of messages produced by GN_Esp. All other values of A(in), and hence any error codes not in the list below, will give the message "Internal Error" and these errors are all fatal.
     Return code values:      Message:            Fatility
     RC_ESC    $01            Escape
     RC_TIM    $02            Timeout
     RC_UNK    $03            Internal Error      Error is fatal
     RC_BAD    $04            Internal Error      Error is fatal
     RC_MS     $05            Internal Error      Error is fatal
     RC_NA     $06            Internal Error      Error is fatal
     RC_ROOM   $07            No Room
     RC_HAND   $08            Bad handle          Error is fatal
     RC_EOF    $09            End of file
     RC_FLF    $0A            Filter full
     RC_OVF    $0B            Overflow
     RC_SNTX   $0C            Bad syntax
     RC_WRAP   $0D            Wrap
     RC_PUSH   $0E            Cannot satisfy request
     RC_ERR    $0F            Internal Error      Error is fatal
     RC_TYPE   $10            Unexpected type     Error is fatal
     RC_PRE    $11            No room
     RC_ONF    $12            File not found
     RC_RP     $13            Read protected
     RC_WP     $14            Write protected
     RC_USE    $15            In use
     RC_FAIL   $16            Cannot satisfy request
     RC_IVF    $17            Bad filename
     RC_FTM    $18            File type mismatch
     RC_EXIS   $19            Already exists
     RC_DVZ    $46            Divide by 0
     RC_TBG    $47            Number too big
     RC_NVR    $48            -ve root
     RC_LRG    $49            Log range
     RC_ACL    $4A            Accuracy lost
     RC_EXR    $4B            Exponent range
     RC_BDN    $4C            Bad number
     RC_DRAW   $66            Redraw
     RC_QUIT   $67            Unknown error       Error is fatal
     RC_SUSP   $69            Suspended

Related calls:

GN_Err, display an interactive error box
OS_Erc, get error context
OS_Erh, set error handler
OS_Esc, examine special condition