This is the top 100 of worst games, as voted for by the visitors of WoS, updated daily.
In brackets after the score is the number of votes received.
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1.1.65 (78)SQIJ!1987 The Power HouseArcade: Action
2.1.68 (21)Kosmik Pirate1984 Elephant SoftwareStrategy: Management
3.1.75 (12)Robot Invaders1982 Usborne Publishing LtdArcade: Action
4.1.79 (21)Alien Kill1984 Mastertronic LtdArcade: Action
5.1.83 (12)Stop That There Alien!!!!1984 David SwannArcade: Shoot-em-up
6.1.85 (13)Embassy Assault1982 Sinclair Research LtdArcade: Maze
7.1.87 (32)Cage Match1988 Entertainment USAArcade: Solo beat-em-up
8.1.90 (22)Ready Steady Go1988 Alternative Software LtdSport: Action
9.1.92 (12)Mutations1986 TynesoftArcade: Action
1.92 (12)Space Defender1982 Magnum ComputingArcade: Shoot-em-up
11.1.93 (14)Race Track1982 Sinclair Research LtdArcade: Race 'n' Chase
12.2.00 (12)Monster Wrestling1984 Usborne Publishing LtdSimulation
2.00 (12)Sentinels1984 Century City Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-up
14.2.06 (18)Don't Say It, Spray It1988 Pirate Software LtdArcade: Action
15.2.07 (15)I Aint Got Nobody TynesoftArcade: Platform
16.2.08 (12)Star Fighter1982 Impact Software [1]Arcade: Shoot-em-up
17.2.09 (11)Laser II1984 Video ShowcaseArcade: Action
2.09 (11)Martian KO1982 Sinclair Research LtdArcade: Action
19.2.10 (32)Penalty Soccer1990 GamebustersSport: Action
2.10 (22)Pneumatic Hammers1987 Firebird Software LtdArcade: Action
21.2.14 (31)Crimebusters inc.1986 Strobe [A Flash of Brilliance]Arcade: Adventure
2.14 (14)Santa1983 Artic Computing LtdArcade: Action
23.2.15 (13)Gangplank1987 Pirate Software LtdArcade: Action
24.2.17 (20)Butterfly1984 PulsonicArcade: Action
25.2.21 (14)Asteroids Ahead!1983 ZX ComputingArcade: Shoot-em-up
26.2.23 (13)Steelyard Blues, The1987 TynesoftArcade: Platform
27.2.24 (36)Highlander1986 Ocean Software LtdArcade: Solo beat-em-up
28.2.25 (12)Aliens1983 Professional SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-up
29.2.28 (20)Devils of the Deep1983 Richard Shepherd Software LtdAdventure: Graphic
2.28 (38)Voyage into the Unknown1984 Mastertronic LtdArcade: Adventure
31.2.29 (17)Laser Lord1985 Century City Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-up
32.2.31 (13)Bunny1983 Automata UK LtdArcade: Action
2.31 (37)Los Angeles SWAT1987 Entertainment USAArcade: Action
34.2.33 (18)Bubble Run1986 TynesoftArcade: Action
2.33 (12)Iceberg1982 Abacus ProgramsArcade: Action
2.33 (20)Krazy Kong1982 C-TechArcade: Platform
2.33 (12)Thermo-Nuclear War1985 Zircon SoftwareStrategy: War
38.2.34 (74)EastEnders1987 Macsen SoftwareArcade: Action
39.2.35 (22)Table Football1987 Budgie Budget SoftwareSport: Action
40.2.36 (11)Driver, 3D1983 Virgin BooksArcade: Action
2.36 (14)Telly Tennis1987 AmstradArcade: Action
2.36 (11)Tempest1983 Mikro-Gen LtdArcade: Shoot-em-up
2.36 (11)Z-Fred1984 Popular Computing WeeklyArcade: Action
44.2.38 (13)Boxing1984 Silicon JoySport: Action
2.38 (16)Disposable Heroes1987 The Power HouseArcade: Action
46.2.39 (68)World Cup Carnival1986 US Gold LtdSport: Action
47.2.40 (10)Videodrome1984 Scorpion Software [1]Arcade: Action
48.2.41 (24)Stop Ball1987 Dro SoftArcade: Action
49.2.44 (38)Piggy1988 Bug-Byte Software LtdArcade: Maze
50.2.45 (11)Frog 51983 Artic Computing LtdArcade: Action
51.2.48 (29)Pathetic Pablo Bros, The1993 Your SinclairArcade: Platform
52.2.50 (14)One for the Road1986 TynesoftArcade: Maze
53.2.53 (15)Indoor Soccer1986 Magnificent 7 SoftwareSport: Action
2.53 (17)Space Worm1989 Remsoft Arcade Designs LtdArcade: Adventure
55.2.55 (67)Count Duckula 21992 Alternative Software LtdArcade: Platform
2.55 (11)Nuclear City Bomber1984 Scorpion Software [1]Arcade: Shoot-em-up
2.55 (11)Torpedo Shoot1982 J.W.V. SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-up
58.2.57 (23)Peter Beardsley's International Football1988 Grandslam Entertainments LtdSport: Action
2.57 (30)Superman: The Game1985 Firebird Software LtdArcade: Adventure
60.2.58 (12)Drakmaze1984 Mikro-Gen LtdArcade: Maze
2.58 (19)Flight Path 7371985 Anirog SoftwareSimulation
2.58 (35)Kung Fu Knights1988 Top Ten SoftwareArcade: Action
63.2.59 (17)Chambers of Horrors1984 Omega Software LtdArcade: Action
64.2.60 (15)Space Jack1988 The Power HouseArcade: Action
2.60 (10)Time Bandits1982 Newsoft ProductsArcade: Adventure
66.2.61 (18)Tidy Tony1987 TynesoftArcade: Action
67.2.64 (47)Boat Run1983 unpublishedArcade: Action
2.64 (11)Gorfian Invaders1983 C-TechArcade: Shoot-em-up
2.64 (11)Lunar Lander1986 Magnum ComputingArcade: Action
2.64 (14)Man Trap1984 Century City Software LtdArcade: Platform
2.64 (30)Track and Field1988 Ocean Software LtdSport: Action
2.64 (11)V1986 Magnum ComputingArcade: Action
73.2.65 (17)Skuldugery1987 K'Soft LtdArcade: Action
74.2.67 (6)Chocman1983 Hyperion SoftwareArcade: Action
75.2.69 (13)BMX Ninja1988 Alternative Software LtdArcade: Solo beat-em-up
76.2.70 (10)Dogfight1984 Fontana PublishingArcade: Shoot-em-up
2.70 (22)E-SWAT1990 US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-up
2.70 (22)Gazza's Super Soccer1990 Empire SoftwareSport: Action
2.70 (25)Ian's Night Out1986 Magnum ComputingArcade: Platform
2.70 (22)Rik the Roadie1988 Alternative Software LtdArcade: Race 'n' Chase
81.2.71 (7)Battle1982 Abacus ProgramsArcade: Shoot-em-up
2.71 (7)Sheepdog Trials1983 Granada PublishingArcade: Action
2.71 (7)Ufo1982 J.K. Greye Enterprises LtdArcade: Shoot-em-up
84.2.72 (20)One on One1985 Ariolasoft UK LtdSport: Action
85.2.75 (26)Flak1984 US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-up
86.2.77 (13)Weasel Willy1985 Firebird Software LtdArcade: Action
87.2.80 (10)Destroyer1983 Abacus ProgramsArcade: Shoot-em-up
88.2.81 (16)Dervish1987 The Power HouseArcade: Maze
89.2.82 (17)Ku-Ku1988 Micro ValueArcade: Adventure
90.2.84 (21)Dynamic Duo1989 Firebird Software LtdArcade: Adventure
2.84 (19)Superman - The Man of Steel1989 TynesoftArcade: Action
92.2.85 (22)Freedom Fighter1988 The Power HouseArcade: Shoot-em-up
2.85 (22)S.T.U.N. Runner1990 Domark LtdArcade: Shoot-em-up
94.2.86 (23)Battle of the Toothpaste Tubes1983 K-Tel ProductionsArcade: Shoot-em-up
2.86 (7)Timequest1983 Mikro-Gen LtdAdventure: RPG
96.2.88 (16)Attack of the Empire1985 ChiburArcade: Shoot-em-up
2.88 (8)Meteor Storm1983 Melbourne HouseArcade: Shoot-em-up
98.2.90 (10)Escape from Omicron1984 Video ShowcaseArcade: Maze
99.2.92 (13)Close-In1983 PulsonicArcade: Action
2.92 (12)Knightfall1987 Pirate Software LtdArcade: Maze

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