Voting is done through the Sinclair Infoseek search engine, which can be accessed either directly (by searching for a specific title), or by clicking on any of the links in the archive sections - more specifically Games and Text adventures.

Within Sinclair Infoseek, notice a field named Score among the program details, which has the [Vote!] icon at the end. Click that icon to cast your vote for that specific title.
You can cast votes for as many titles as you like - the more the better, as the result allows other people to try games they never knew, since they have an indication (thanks to you!) whether those titles are generally worth playing or not.

All votes are processed during the night, so the database is only updated once per 24 hours.
A score is considered 'valid' if at least 3 votes have been received.
In order for a game to be accepted into a Top 100, a minimum of 5 votes must have been received for it (and a score fitting in that list, obviously).

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