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Fernando Maíllo Serrano
(1956 – 2003, softography)

Fernando Maíllo was born in Madrid, in Jan 28th, 1956. A truly go-ahead person, he combined work with his many hobbies. As a result of that built-in vitality, he developed several programs for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum under Microparadise Software. Among this, we shall remark the game "Star Trek 3050".

Fernando met computers, and more exactly the ZX Spectrum, during june 1983 (he literally said "I entered to a shop to ask for information and I ended up with a computer under my arm"). By that time, he was already working in Televisión Española, the Spanish public TV channel (in fact, he was hired in 1977 and kept working there for the most of his life). However, that didn't prevent him from spending so many hours each day in front of his Spectrum that, three months after he bought it, he was hired by MicroWorld.

At the beginning, he spent his time translating program instructions to Spanish and making some demos in MicroWorld's store, but as soon as they decided to turn into Microparadise, Fernando began immediately to work as a programmer. Indeed, he was very prolific, and developed some titles as "Contabilidad Doméstica", "Star Trek 3050", "Utilidades", among others.

As far as "Star Trek 3050" is concerned, it is a very remarkable title, since Fernando was a wholehearted trekkie (that is, an enthusiastic follower of the TV series Star Trek). In fact, he was the founder and first president of the Star Trek Club of Madrid (CSTMA), and he also arranged the earliest Star Trek conventions in Spain, namely in 1996 and 1997. Besides, he was a member of the group Insectropía and he was a well-known and beloved personality in the Spanish scene of Star Trek. It was also well known his love of animals (he owned several dogs and a cat), the sea (he loved sailing and scuba diving) and, occasionally, smoking a pipe.

Fernando Maíllo died in june 18th, 2003, while he was scuba diving.

Acknowledgements: Juan Pablo López-Grao for the above article. He would in turn like to acknowledge Martín Alberto Peña Delgado, Daniel Simón, the CSTS, Albert Valls and specially Susana "Kera" for the inputs. Inputs also collated from MicroHobby Issue 20, March 1985.

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