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James Iain Langmead
(1974 – 2007)

Jim Langmead was a dedicated and well respected member of the speccy scene. He had been an active member of the WoS forums and comp.sys.sinclair for several years. A true hardcore spec-chum.

In July of 2003 Jim set up his Speccy Spoilers web site, which contains ending snapshots for hundreds of speccy games. He wasn't pleased that the Congraturations Archive site had been all but abandoned, so he set up his own instead to carry on the theme. We spent many an hour in #speccy on IRC, discussing how to complete games, and we'd submit ending snapshots and RZX recordings to each other's sites. Speccy Spoilers was featured in an article in issue seven of Retro Gamer magazine [ link 1 | link 2 ]. Jim was never one to shy away from making a point in which he believed in. Whether this be in the WoS forums, CSS or on IRC chat, he did like to have a good rant now and again. He was always helpful on the forums, giving advice on how to complete games and the like. And I never failed to laugh at his forum postings under the pseudonym of "I am not Gamestage".

Although we never met personally, through the amount of time we spent on IRC chatting I did get to know him pretty well. We first starting chatting on IRC in 2001.

In June of 2006, Jim was stricken by Crohns disease and was hospitalized. In mid July he had an emergency bowel operation, with a less than 50% chance of survival, but he made it through. Also at about this time, he contracted a brain infection, which thankfully didn't last too long.

The last contact I had with Jim was an email from him on Christmas Day 2006. Then after that, no further replies to emails. James passed away on the 11th of April, 2007, taken well before his time.

Acknowledgements: Daren for the write-up.

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