A joint effort of Martijn van der Heide, Steve Brown, Andy Barker, Tony Barnett and Juan Pablo López-Grao.

The STP projects' aim is to obtain perfect TZXs of each and every release of each and every Spectrum game ever released
(if they aren't already available on The TZX Vault or WoS).

Any help in resolving these is highly appreciated!

Note that we are not always looking for the original releases - the publisher field tells which version we need.
If it has the form "<name1> / <name2>", it means that we need the re-release by <name2> (and it was original released by <name1>).

Please notice that any TZX file you see in this list is an unidentified "backup" copy, for which we require a confirmed replacement copy.

We would like them in TZX format, taken from the original tape (PLEASE DON'T BEAUTIFY THEM) to make them authentic,
or a complete *backup/copy* from an original tape with the loading scheme intact!

Instructions and Cover scans are appreciated if they can be supplied.

Uploads can be done using either HTTP or FTP. Please see this page for more info.

Please make sure to also check the Spectrum Disk Preservation and Missing In Action projects!

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Name                                                Year Publisher                            Lan Memory Type

Herbie                                              1985 Rafael Garcia                                     Spa     48 Sim    

Inf1 1987 Rus 48 Sim Informace pro Majitele ZX Spectrum Luxus Software Ostrava Cze 48 Sim Invincible Island hints Eng 48 Sim
Mozart 1984 Octopus Software Eng 48 Mus
New POKE Magazin 6 1985 ZB Cze 48 Sim
Pangolin Spa 48 Sim Prestel 1: Micromouse Prestel Tapezine Eng 48 Sim Prestel 2: Heartsearch Prestel Tapezine Eng 48 Sim Prestel 3: Micrognome Prestel Tapezine Eng 48 Sim Prestel 4: Newsflash Prestel Tapezine Eng 48 Sim Prestel 5: Aladdin's Cave Prestel Tapezine Eng 48 Sim Prestel 6: Hotlips Prestel Tapezine Eng 48 Sim
Sinclair Basic Teacher Mladen Erjavec Hrv 48 Sim Sounds 2 The Champ and Jason Eng 48 Mus Sounds I The Champ and Jason Eng 48 Mus
Tells Ouverture, The Rocky Crackingservice Eng 48 Mus Temperament 1984 Martin Stepanek Cze 48 Sim
Vlajky II 1987 Jozef Vavrinec Cze 48 Sim
ZX Revija 1 1989 Stivsoft Yug 48 Sim
Total number of entries: 20

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