The ResiDOS Task Manager

(ResiDOS task manager)

The Task Manager

The Task Manager is an optional package that you can install on ResiDOS. Note that the current version (v1.00) only operates with 48K tasks, so you cannot save snapshots of 128K games. You should also only attempt to run one 128K game as a task at a time, otherwise the extra Spectrum memory will be overwritten by the 2nd 128K game. This limitation will be removed in a future release.

When you press the NMI button on your interface, the Spectrum immediately stops whatever it was doing (whether you were in BASIC, a word processor, a commercial game or whatever) and enters the Task Manager.

The Task Manager screen shows a list of the current tasks running on your Spectrum, together with the menu options that are available to you. When you first enter the task manager, the task list will consist of just a single task, named "Task 0", which is whatever you were doing at the time. To return to it, simply press ENTER.

Using the RAM in your interface, you can store several tasks at the same time, and switch between them instantly from the task manager screen. The number of tasks you can have running at once depends on the amount of RAM in your interface. Since ZXATASP interfaces have their memory strictly divided between ROM and RAM, they can run fewer tasks than a different interface with an equivalent amount of memory. The maximum number of tasks allowable is 16 (this is only possible on a 1Mb ZXCF interface).

The menu options described below allow you to manage your tasks quickly and easily.

Managing Tasks

The options available are shown on the task manager screen. Simply press the highlighted letter to select the option.

Cursor keys (up and down)
Use these to move the highlight up and down the task list.
Re-enters the highlighted task.
Creates a new task, activates it and resets the Spectrum into BASIC. (Don't worry, all the other tasks are still there!)
Makes a copy of the highlighted task.
Deletes the highlighted task.
Deletes all tasks except the highlighted task.
Renames the highlighted task. Task names are up to 16 characters long.
Sets the border colour for the highlighted task. Since it isn't possible for ResiDOS to know the border colour, it makes a guess which is sometimes wrong. You can change that here before saving a snapshot.
Saves a snapshot of the highlighted task onto the hard disk in the standard .Z80 file format. This can be reloaded later using the %SNAPLOAD "filename" command (which can load any 48K or 128K snapshot in .Z80 or .SNA format).

Other options

Turn off Spectrum
This takes you to a special "shutdown" screen, from which you can turn off the Spectrum in safety. When you switch back on, the Task Manager will start up again, and you will be able to continue exactly where you were, with all your tasks still running.

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