Entering ResiDOS Commands

ResiDOS commands are easy to enter under any version of BASIC, from the standard keyword-driven 48K BASIC to the more recent versions such as SE BASIC and Gosh Wonderful, which allow commands to be entered letter-by-letter.

For all commands, the % characters shown on this website are completely optional. They're only required if the command would otherwise be accepted by BASIC (eg, in most BASICs, LOAD "name" would load a program from tape, so you need to use LOAD %"name" to load a program from disk or compactflash). For BASICs which use keyword entry (eg standard 48K BASIC), it's also usually convenient to start commands which don't have a keyword with %, simply to take the Spectrum out of K mode and into L mode. On single-character-entry BASICs like SE BASIC or Gosh Wonderful there's no need to bother with the leading %.

Additionally, commands which are not present as Spectrum keywords (such as LOAD and SAVE) may be entered as upper or lower-case (or a mixture), although they are always shown in capitals on this site. If you are using a single-character-entry BASIC, then they will usually accept keywords in lower-case as well.

Finally, commands can be abbreviated, to save you from having to type in the entire command name. This is done by adding a "." character to the partial command name. ResiDOS will make a guess at the command desired and fill it in for you.

As an example of the flexibility of the system, here are a number of ways to enter the same command (which lists the partitions on your disk):

Entering functions

From v1.81, ResiDOS contains its own built-in functions, that can be used as parts of expressions in the same way as other functions. They are entered as if they were user-defined functions, as the FN keyword followed by the function name and a list of parameters in brackets. Optionally, you can use a % sign between FN and the function name. A couple of examples of using ResiDOS functions in expressions are:

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