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Thought that nearly all games ever written were available from this site? Guess again! Here you find a huge list of all games known to be commercially produced, but which are not available in this archive yet.

Any help in resolving these is highly appreciated!

Please help us shorten this list and turn all game names into download links. If possible, please provide them in TAP or TZX format (and I don't mean multifaced files!), so the loading screen and any additional data (extra levels etc) are present. Files that were only ever released on disk can of course be provided in disk-image format (DSK or TRD).

Please look carefully and match both the game's name as well as the publisher's name. For example, Ant Attack is on the list, but this is not the one from Sandy White (that one has been in the archive for years).

Uploads can be done using either HTTP or FTP. Please see this page for more info.

Please make sure to also check the Spectrum Tape Preservation project!

Games already available, but incomplete or broken, are printed in italics, and the column 'Replace' tells the reason.
Column 'M' means: this is a multiloading game (so we really need a TAP or TZX file)

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Name                                                Year Publisher                            Lan Memory Type

Amarok                                              1990 Ignacio Prini Garcia                        128 Mus    

Christmas Card Competition 1997 Spectrum Discovery Club 48 Dem
Drip, The 1988 Daton Software 48 Dem
Funkbox 1993 Richard Swann 48 Mus
Greensleeves 1992 Garry Rowland 128 Mus
Invader 1988 Daton Software 48 Dem
Merry Christmas 1991 Garry Rowland 128 Mus Musical Christmas Greeting 1996 Garry Rowland 48/128 Mus Original release missing Musicassette 1984 Chibur 48 Mus
Only You 1992 Rocassoft Corp. Ltd 48 Mus Optocheck 1984 Boalox Informatica Spa 48 Sim
Programa Computado 1984 Nuevos Medios S.A. Spa 48 Dem
Soldado, El 1990 Sequor Spa 48 Dem SpecTec Demo David Gosnell 48 Dem

Total number of entries: 14

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