Great Places in `the other' World of Spectrum
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Co-maintainers and preservation project members
[WWW] The .TZX Vault, maintained by Steve Brown.
Steve's a co-maintainer of WoS. This site aims at storing every single game in the .TZX format (and there are thousands of them already!), all of which also find their way into the WoS archive.
[WWW] SPA2, maintained by Juan Pablo López Grao.
This site's aim is similar to the TZX Vault (perfect images in TZX format), but for the Spanish games, all of which also find their way into the WoS archive.
[WWW] Andy's Home Page, maintained by Andy Barker.
Andy did lots of work on collecting the magazine cover tapes and runs the Spectrum Tape Preservation and Spectrum Disk Preservation projects that will eventually replace all snapshots with genuine products
[WWW] The Sinclair Spectrum, maintained by Phil Kendall.
Home of several things of interest, such as Fuse and the device ROMs collection. Phil also runs the Spectrum Instructions Project, which goal is to collect the instructions for all software titles in the WoS archive.
[WWW] Hackers Anonymous Speccy Playground, maintained by Gerard Sweeney.
Here you find the famous 'Hackers Anonymous' multiface pokes.
Gerard is also the main man responsible for sorting out the entire NVG archive! The results can be viewed right here. The NVG Search engine is based on this list.
[WWW] ZX Software.co.uk, maintained by Tony Barnett.
A massive site where Tony has all of his personal collection on-line - fully sorted, with details, cover scans, etc!
[WWW] Sinclair Heaven, maintained by Lee Fogarty.
Of special interest is the various Spectrum related video footage.
[WWW] Yantra Games, maintained by Arjun Nair.
Offers almost all the 256 colour remakes for the Spectrum plus some game reviews, as well as some stuff for the SAM Coupe.

Key sites
[WWW] Planet Sinclair, maintained by Chris Owen.
Lots of historical information on Sir Clive, the Sinclair company and its products, mainly the Speccy! (and an off-line version as well!)
[WWW] The Tipshop, maintained by Nick Humphries and Gerard Sweeney.
The most comprehensive Spectrum and SAM game hints/tips/cheats/POKEs/maps archive on the Internet, with a search engine as well!
[WWW] The RZX Archive, maintained by Daren Pearcy.
Haven't got a clue how to play a certain game? This archive might contain a full RZX recording showing how it's done.
[WWW] The Classic Adventures Solution Archive, maintained by Jacob Gunness.
Need help with an adventure or a complete solution in one go? Look no further!
[WWW] Demotopia, maintained by Matthew Westcott.
The largest and best maintained demo scene site around!

The original magazines
[WWW] The YS Rock'n'Roll Years, maintained by Nick Humphries.
Relive the great years of the popular magazine Your Sinclair!
This site features tons of articles and listings of what was written in each and every issue.
[WWW] Your Spectrum Unofficial Archive, maintained by Jim Grimwood.
The predecessor of Your Sinclair is celebrated here in all its glory!
[WWW] The CRASH Online Edition, maintained by Matthew Wilson.
Similarly to the Your Sinclair site, this site stores the popular magazine Crash!
[WWW] Sinclair User Magazine Online, maintained by Dave Foreman.
Finally, Sinclair User gets the same attention as the other magazines from the haydays of the Speccy!
[WWW] MicroHobby.com, maintained by StalVS.
Hosts everything about the Spanish Speccy magazine MicroHobby, including full scans of all issues!
[WWW] Sinclair ZX Spectrum Reviews Database, maintained by Chris Bourne.
Aims to have all review text from the major mags of the Speccy era, all viewable in ASCII format and searchable.

[WWW] Alchemist Research, maintained by Andy Davis.
They are world famous for their electronic magazine AlchNews and extensive software library (available in the archive).
[WWW] Outlet, maintained by Fidcal (formerly named Chezron Software, later Fidcal, then Jumbery, then Fidcal again).
All back issues are still available!
[WWW] The Sinclair Lair, maintained by Alex Waddington.
Here you find an on-line archive of the Classix fanzine, among other things!

Current magazines
[WWW] ZXF, by Colin Woodcock.
One of the very few remaining active Spectrum magazines. It's one of the best and free at that!
[WWW] ZX Digest, by Andrew Ryals.
Another one of the active retro magazines (earlier known as Hackers Hangout).
[WWW] Retro Review, by Ian Gledhill and Jorge Canelhas.
"Today's Magazine for Yesterday's Computer"
[WWW] Magazine ZX, by Santiago Romero, Federico Álvarez, Pablo Suau and Miguel A. García Prada.
A bimonthly on-line ZX Spectrum magazine, in Spanish.
[WWW] ZXSF (ZX Spectrum Files), by Ignacio Prini García.
A quarterly ZX Spectrum magazine, in Spanish.
[WWW] SPAC (Sociedad para la Promoción de Aventuras Conversacionales)
A bimonthly magazine focused on the world of text adventures (so it is not only Speccy-related, although there are some articles about it), in Spanish.
[WWW] Retro Gamer, by Imagine Publishing.
A professional, commercial magazine about everything retro gaming (not only Spectrum).
Started by Live Publishing in 2003, taken over in 2005 (ish 19 onward)
[WWW] Abzac, by Perspective group.
A Russian magazine.
[WWW] ZX Shed, by the ZX Shed staff.
Our own WoS-ish, free, excellent, magazine.

User groups
[WWW] De HCC sinclair gg Homepage, maintained by Johan Koning.
Home of the Dutch Sinclair users group!
Available in both English and Dutch.
[WWW] Spectrum-User-Club, maintained by FBI.
Home of the active German `Spectrum Users Group' and their stillgoing fanzine SUC-Session.

Company history sites
[WWW] The Bird Sanctuary, maintained by Richard Hewison.
An insider's look at the history of Telecomsoft (the Firebird, Silverbird and Rainbird labels).
[WWW] Ocean Software Ltd, maintained by Mark R. Jones.
An insider's look at the history of Ocean Software.

Multi-computer sites
[WWW] The Dot Eaters/The Number Crunchers, maintained by Stephan Slabihoud.
A general 8-bit history site, covering quite a lot of machines, including the Speccy.
[WWW] The Universal Videogame List, maintained by Andrea Doimo.
This site aims at cataloging every single game for every single platform!
[WWW] MobyGames
This site lists games for various computer and console sysyems.
[WWW] The Old Computer Dot Com, maintained by Hot Trout.
This site also aims at cataloging every single game for every single platform!
[WWW] Retro Computer Museum, maintained by Andy Spencer.
This site aims at cataloging every single platform.
[WWW] Peoww, maintained by Rich and Mark.
A general gaming site, with some interesting Speccy features.
[WWW] Retro Computers, maintained by The Retro Brothers.
A general retro gaming site, including the Spectrum.

Other interesting Sinclair sites
[WWW] Steve Smith's Spectrum Pages, maintained by Stephen Smith.
Contains several interesting things, such as the Spectrum Games FAQ and the original Sinclair Software Database.
[WWW] Computer EmuZone, maintained by José Luis Veiga Sierra.
Available in both Spanish and English, this site is dedicated to the Spanish games.
[WWW] The ex-YU ZX Scene, maintained by Tomaz Kac.
[WWW] Lo ZX Spectrum in Italia, maintained by Stefano.
Aims to collect all Italian Spectrum software.
[WWW] ZX-Spectrum.pl, maintained by Marcin.
A Polish website for collectors of ZX Spectrum and other Sinclair computers/peripherials/software.
[WWW] Spectrum SCREEN$, maintained by Andrew Laggan.
Aims at collecting the loading screen artwork of all 8-bit computer games.
[WWW] ZX Specticle, maintained by Darren McCowan.
Has a great layout and contains a number of excellent interviews.
[WWW] The Rubber Beermat, maintained by Michael Fraser.
A game review site, with a great section on crap games.
[WWW] Spectrum Games, maintained by The Retro Brothers.
Another great game review site, which also hosts a ZX Spectrum Quiz.
[WWW] Funny Games, maintained by The Retro Brothers.
This site features humorous games on a variety of formats, including the ZX Spectrum.
[WWW] The Spectrum Golden Years, maintained by Russell Tayler.
Details the Spectrum history during the (golden) years 1982-1986.
[WWW] Home Action Replay Page - Spectrum Zone, maintained by Michael Bruhn.
This is a recording site where players can compete against each other in several games. The number of games included in this competition is growing all the time.
[WWW] ZX Spectrum in the 21st Century?, maintained by Richárd Tarján.
Houses a very interesting article about the musical capabilities of the extended ZX Spectrum.
[WWW] Speccy.cz, maintained by Jan Werner and Milan Hozda.
A fast growing archive of games in TAP and TZX format plus maps, covers, etc.
[WWW] Speccy.org, maintained by Santiago Romero.
A large Spanish Spectrum portal site that hosts several interesting things, including SPA2 and Magazine ZX.
[WWW] I've Started So I'll Finish..., maintained by Philip Bee.
Interviews with many celebrities in the Sinclair world.
[WWW] El Spectrum Hoy, maintained by Digiexp and Wally Week.
The site that hosts the annual Speccy Tour, among other things.
[WWW] ZX Tunes, maintained by Newart.
"World's largest ZX Spectrum music collection."
[WWW] ZX Resource Centre, maintained by Paul Farrow.
A documentation site for the Spectrum 128/+2/+3 and ZX Interface 2.
[WWW] Spectrum Easter eggs & Spectrum references in popular music, maintained by Paul Equinox Collins.
Various gems of collected information.
[WWW] The Timex/Sinclair Showcase, maintained by Jack Boatwright.
Lots of information about the Timex range of computers.
[WWW] Jupiter Ace Resource Site, maintained by Steve Parry-Thomas.
The Ace was created by some of the same people involved in creating the Spectrum. This site covers it in detail.
[WWW] ZX81 Software, Books and Hardware Collection, maintained by Simon Holdsworth.
Anything and everything about the ZX81!
[WWW] SinclairZXWorld.com, maintained by Rich Mellor.
English ZX80 / ZX81 Forums.


The archive of Planet Sinclair (NVG) (no longer maintained as of July 1997)
The granddad of emulation around the world!


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