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Skywave FORTH

Device nameSkywave FORTH
ManufacturerSkywave Software (UK)
DesignerDavid Husband
TypeHardware: Add-on
Original price£59.00
BlurbFORTH on ROM complete with a RS232 and Parallel interface.
NotesForth on ROM cartridge. The cartridge switches out the Spectrum BASIC ROM and replaces it with its own 12K ROM which includes FORTH, Z80 assembler and terminal software. The card also has a RS232 port (via 8251 chip), 24bit parallel (via 8255 chip).
SPOT commentson cartridge
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ZX Computing12.83page 99(Feature - Window Shopping - Spectrum/ZX81 hardware) [full page]
ZX Computing2.84page 87(News/Note - Forth/serial/parallel i/f (Skywave)) [full page]

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