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Opus Discovery

Device nameOpus Discovery
Also known asOpus Discovery 1
ManufacturerOpus Supplies Ltd (UK)
TypeHardware: Disk
Original price£199.95
Budget price£99.95
BlurbA true disk drive system for your Spectrum. 250K floppy drive and interface. Video output port. Joystick port. Through port. Parallel printer port.
NotesThe ROM image is available at Phil Kendall's The Spectrum ROMs Collection.
SPOT commentssingle/dual drive prices £199.95/£329.95
Score 10.00 (4 votes)   See scores and vote!

Support material
OpusDiscovery_Manual-Italian.pdf133,743(Italian manual)
OpusDiscovery_Manual.pdf241,002(English manual)
OpusDiscovery_Manual.zip16,445,363(Scanned English manual)
OpusDiscovery_QuickDosDisassembly.rtf100,767(Hardware technical documentation)
OpusDiscovery_Schematics.gif21,378(Hardware technical documentation)
OpusDiscovery_ShadowROMv2.2Disassembly.html258,529(Hardware technical documentation)
OpusDiscovery_ShadowROMv2.2Disassembly.WP6.zip64,570(Hardware technical documentation)
OpusDiscovery_ShadowROMv2.2Disassembly_Addendum.rtf2,858(Hardware technical documentation)
OpusDiscovery.jpg512,615(Hardware advertisement scan)
OpusDiscovery_2.jpg213,144(Hardware advertisement scan)
OpusDiscovery_3.jpg204,001(Hardware advertisement scan)
OpusDiscovery_4.jpg584,248(Hardware advertisement scan)
OpusDiscovery.jpg120,962(Hardware picture)
OpusDiscovery_Back.jpg108,769(Hardware picture)
OpusDiscovery_Front.jpg140,940(Hardware picture)
OpusDiscovery_Side.jpg78,806(Hardware picture)

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