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Multiface 1

Device nameMultiface 1
Also known asMultiface One
ManufacturerRomantic Robot UK Ltd (UK)
TypeHardware: Add-on
Original price£39.95
BlurbNo 1 multipurpose interface for the Spectrum. Internal 8K ROM and RAM. Fully automatic saving to Microdrive, Wafadrive, Beta, Opus, etc. Joystick interface. Toolkit with Peek/Poke functions.
NotesThe ROM image is available at Phil Kendall's The Spectrum ROMs Collection.
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Support material
Multiface1_Manual.pdf86,827(English manual)
Multiface1_Schematics.gif118,670(Hardware technical documentation)
Multiface1_Schematics.png325,103(Hardware technical documentation)
Multiface1.jpg168,045(Hardware picture)
Multiface1_Back.jpg160,320(Hardware picture)
Multiface1_Box.jpg76,857(Hardware picture)
Multiface1_Side.jpg142,283(Hardware picture)

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