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ZX Interface 2

Device nameZX Interface 2
Also known asZX Interface II
ManufacturerSinclair Research Ltd (UK)
TypeHardware: Joystick
Original price£19.95
Budget price£9.95
BlurbROM cartridge interface with twin joystick ports.
NotesSinclair's second interface did not take off like the first one. This ROM interface was produced to try and keep up with the consoles. Instant loading ROM cartridges were produced for the interface, licenced by Sinclair. Only 10 titles were ever available:
- Planetoids (Sinclair Research Ltd)
- Space Raiders (Sinclair Research Ltd)
- Backgammon (Sinclair Research Ltd)
- Pssst (Ultimate Play The Game)
- Cookie (Ultimate Play The Game)
- Jetpac (Ultimate Play The Game)
- Tranz Am (Ultimate Play The Game)
- Hungry Horace (Sinclair Research Ltd)
- Horace and the Spiders (Sinclair Research Ltd)
- Chess (Sinclair Research Ltd)
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Support material
ZXInterface2_Manual.html5,450(English manual)
ZXInterface2_Flyer.zip2,792,394(Hardware advertisement scan)
ZXInterface2_Flyer2.zip1,014,598(Hardware advertisement scan)
ZXInterface2.jpg252,889(Hardware picture)
ZXInterface2V2_PCB-Bottom.jpg807,718(Hardware picture)
ZXInterface2V2_PCB-Top.jpg813,622(Hardware picture)
ZXInterface2_2.jpg169,059(Hardware picture)

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Magazine adverts
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Your Sinclair9.87page 95(Classified - WN Richardson & Co (aka.EEC) advert) [full page]

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