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DISCiPLE Interface

Device nameDISCiPLE Interface
ManufacturerRockford Products (UK)
DesignerMiles Gordon Technology
TypeHardware: Disk
Original price£89.95
Budget price£84.75
BlurbDisk interface allows up to 16mb of storage on 2 drives. Loads full 48K program in 3.5 seconds. Compatible with any standard drive, double or single density. Snapshot button to save your programs to disk. Printer interface. Dual joystick ports. (Sinclair/Kempston). Networking feature to allow the DISCiPLE to act as file server for upto 64 other Spectrums.
NotesRuns the GDOS operating system.
Comes with a DISCiPLE System Tape.
The ROM image(s) is/are available at Phil Kendall's The Spectrum ROMs Collection.
SPOT commentsdisk interface, Centronics printer interface, 2 joystick ports, local network
Score 10.00 (7 votes)   See scores and vote!

Support material
DISCiPLEInterface_UserManual.pdf121,894(English manual)
DISCiPLEInterface_UserManual.txt101,034(English manual)
DISCiPLEInterface_UserManual(Dutch).pdf121,840(Dutch manual)
DISCiPLEInterface+MGTPlusD_PAL-ICs.zip117,369(Hardware technical documentation)
DISCiPLEInterface_Schematics.gif85,295(Hardware technical documentation)
DISCiPLEInterface.jpg372,490(Hardware advertisement scan)
DISCiPLEInterface_Folder.zip894,999(Hardware advertisement scan)
DISCiPLEInterface.jpg104,698(Hardware picture)

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