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Cheetah SpecDrum

Device nameCheetah SpecDrum
ManufacturerCheetah Marketing Ltd (UK)
TypeHardware: Music
Original price£29.95
BlurbDigital drum system for your Spectrum. 8 digital drum sounds. True digital drum machine. Extra sounds can be loaded from tape. Real time or on-screen programming. Store over 1000 rythms.
NotesCame with the SpecDrum system tape.
Three additional sound kits were made: SpecDrum - Afro Kit, SpecDrum - Electro Kit and SpecDrum - Latin Kit.
SPOT commentsdrum synthesiser
Score 10.00 (1 vote)   See scores and vote!

Support material
CheetahSpecDrum_Manual.pdf455,929(English manual)
CheetahSpecDrum_Schematics.gif6,138(Hardware technical documentation)
CheetahSpecDrum.jpg174,351(Hardware advertisement scan)
CheetahSpecDrum_2.jpg252,462(Hardware advertisement scan)
CheetahSpecDrum.jpg76,101(Hardware picture)
CheetahSpecDrum_Back.jpg79,600(Hardware picture)
CheetahSpecDrum_Box-Back.jpg294,515(Hardware picture)
CheetahSpecDrum_Box-Front.jpg289,365(Hardware picture)
CheetahSpecDrum_Box-Inside.jpg124,714(Hardware picture)
CheetahSpecDrum_Box-Side1.jpg273,940(Hardware picture)
CheetahSpecDrum_Box-Side2.jpg274,138(Hardware picture)
CheetahSpecDrum_PCB-Bottom.jpg67,308(Hardware picture)
CheetahSpecDrum_PCB-Top.jpg67,051(Hardware picture)

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