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Cheetah 32K Rampack

Device nameCheetah 32K Rampack
ManufacturerCheetah Marketing Ltd (UK)
TypeHardware: RAM/ROM
Original price£39.95
BlurbA RAM upgrade to 48K. Simply plugs into the rear connector and gives full 48K.
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Support material
Cheetah32kRamPack.jpg151,538(Hardware advertisement scan)
Cheetah32kRamPack.jpg64,833(Hardware picture)
Cheetah32kRamPack_Box-Inside.jpg267,180(Hardware picture)
Cheetah32kRamPack_Box.jpg60,451(Hardware picture)
Cheetah32kRamPack_PCB-Back.jpg265,865(Hardware picture)
Cheetah32kRamPack_PCB-Front.jpg278,242(Hardware picture)

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