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Arcade Game Designer

[Does not use a loading screen]
[In-game screen]
Full titleArcade Game Designer
Year of release2008
PublisherJonathan Cauldwell (UK)
Author(s)Jonathan Cauldwell
Machine typeZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Number of players1
TypeUtility: Game Editor
Message languageEnglish
Original publicationFreeware
Protection schemeUndetermined
Additional infoFeatures ULAplus Support
This title is a member of this group of titles
RemarksWarning: games created with any of the versions are not compatible with other versions (so don't try to load those in or it will crash).
There is also an AGD Key Location Search Tool.
ULAplus support was added from version 2.3 on.
Version 3.0 is 128K-only.
SeriesThis utility belongs in the following series:
1. Platform Game Designer
2. S.E.U.D.
3. Arcade Game Designer
Score 9.47 (19 votes)   See scores and vote!

The following games are known to have been authored with this tool:

Antiquity JonesPaul Jenkinson
Apulija-13Alessandro Grussu
CattivikGabriele Amore
Chopper DropPaul Jenkinson
Donkey Kong ReloadedGabriele Amore
Funky FungusAlessandro Grussu
Kyd CadetPaul Jenkinson
Kyd Cadet II: The Rescue of PobblefluPaul Jenkinson
Lost in My SpectrumAlessandro Grussu
Pitfall III: Wrath of KingcrockGabriele Amore
Space DisposalPaul Jenkinson
Toofy in Fan LandPaul Jenkinson
Toofy's Winter NutsPaul Jenkinson
Trooper:Point 5The Bog Brothers
Zbylut Owrzodzien w Kamiennym, Kurwa, Zajebanym Czarcim KreguHooy-Program
(16 titles found)

Download and play links
Run on-line with a 48K Java Spectrum emulator ArcadeGameDesignerV1.1.tap.zip17,400((non-TZX) TAP tape image)2008
Run on-line with a 48K Java Spectrum emulator ArcadeGameDesignerV1.3.tap.zip12,769((non-TZX) TAP tape image)2009
Run on-line with a 48K Java Spectrum emulator ArcadeGameDesignerV2.0.tap.zip24,503((non-TZX) TAP tape image)2009
Run on-line with a 48K Java Spectrum emulator ArcadeGameDesignerV2.6.tap.zip15,807((non-TZX) TAP tape image)2010
Run on-line with a 128K Java Spectrum emulator ArcadeGameDesignerV3.0.tap.zip18,562((non-TZX) TAP tape image)2012

Additional material
ArcadeGameDesigner.gif1,590(In-game screen)
ArcadeGameDesignerV1.1.txt19,063(English instructions)
ArcadeGameDesignerV2.6.doc61,440(English instructions)
ArcadeGameDesignerV3.0.doc53,760(English instructions)
ArcadeGameDesigner_ReleaseHistory.txt5,327(English instructions)

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