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F-16 Combat Pilot

[Cassette inlay] [Loading screen]
[In-game screen]
Full titleF-16 Combat Pilot
Year of release1991
PublisherDigital Integration (UK)
Re-released byAction Sixteen (UK)
System 4 (Spain)
Author(s)Les Doughty, Lee Burns
Machine typeZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Number of players1
ControlsKempston, Interface 2, Cursor and Keyboard
Message languageEnglish
Original publicationCommercial
Original price£14.95 (£19.95 for disk version)
1995 ptas.
AvailabilityAvailable as both Perfect TZX and non-TZX
Protection schemeMultiple schemes (see individual downloads)
Additional infoFeatures Vector Graphics
Features Padlock Protection
Also listed on Freebase
SPOT commentsCrash SAM Coupe cover demo
Other systemsThis title was also advertised for and/or published on the Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 and SAM Coupe
Score 7.94 (16 votes)   See scores and vote!

Download and play links
FilenameSizeTypeOriginCodeBarcodeD.L.Encoding scheme
F-16CombatPilot.tzx.zip80,414(Perfect TZX tape image)Original releaseSpeedLock 4
F-16CombatPilot.dsk.zip69,816(+3 disk image)Original release
Run on-line with a 48K Java Spectrum emulator Run on-line with a 128K Java Spectrum emulator F-16CombatPilot.tap.zip75,963((non-TZX) TAP tape image)
F-16CombatPilot(ActionSixteen).tzx.zip34,830(Perfect TZX tape image)Re-release5012634001686SpeedLock 7
F-16CombatPilot(System4).tzx.zip80,316(Perfect TZX tape image)Re-releaseSpeedLock 7

Additional material
F-16CombatPilot.gif5,902(Loading screen)
F-16CombatPilot.scr6,912(Loading screen dump)
F-16CombatPilot.gif4,985(In-game screen)
F-16CombatPilot.pdf20,528,488(English instructions)
F-16CombatPilot(System4).pdf3,799,058(Spanish instructions)
F-16CombatPilot(System4)_Annex.pdf163,258(Spanish instructions)
F-16CombatPilot.jpg84,936(Cassette inlay)
F-16CombatPilot_Back.jpg130,199(Cassette inlay)
F-16CombatPilot(ActionSixteen).jpg85,642(Re-release cassette inlay)
F-16CombatPilot(System4)_Back.jpg232,200(Re-release cassette inlay)
F-16CombatPilot_CodeSheet.jpg156,579(Code sheet)
F-16CombatPilot_DevelopmentGraphics.zip32,493(Development graphics)
F-16CombatPilot_InstrumentPanel.jpg109,145(Instrument panel)

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