You may have noticed the "Should WoS get a facelift?" thread in the Miscellaneous forum.

WoS is meant to be a site for the community, so why not have the community determine the way things look?
We'll make it some kind of compo (without prize except lots of kudos and due credits).

Some things about that page: The page should preferably match with the rest of the site (which the current page indeed doesn't).
The end result must work with all browsers, including Lynx, also in high-security settings, and not use Flash, frames or CSS. Oh, and I continue to like the Arial/Helvetica font.
For font sizes, please only relative (+1/-1, etc) and no fixed ones, as fixed sizes screw up on different screen resolutions.
The size of HTML plus pics combined shouldn't exceed, say, 100kb (it's under 40kb at this moment).

All ideas are welcome. New pictures or logo are of course possible as well.

To enter the competition, just upload the page you created, be it HTML plus pics (zipped up please), an individual logo or a draft picture of the layout you have in mind.
Make sure you provide your name with your upload, or I can't give you credit.
Two and a half weeks should give you enough time (it's only the front page), so the competition shall close on sunday June 29th.
You will be allowed to vote for your favorite design during the week following it.

Voting regulations:
These are the submissions to the competition (in order of arrival): (28 votes altogether)

The compo is finished

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