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1.8.60 (22)Bugsy1986CRL Group PLCAdventure: Text
2.8.54 (207)Hobbit, The1982Melbourne HouseAdventure: Text
3.8.48 (27)Big Sleaze, The1987PiranhaAdventure: Text
4.8.44 (62)Sherlock1984Melbourne HouseAdventure: Text
8.44 (36)Runestone1986Games WorkshopAdventure: Text
6.8.42 (38)Kayleth1986US Gold LtdAdventure: Text
7.8.38 (46)Valkyrie 171984The RamJam CorporationAdventure: Text
8.8.37 (29)Guild of Thieves, The1988Rainbird Software LtdAdventure: Text
9.8.35 (17)Witch's Cauldron, The1985Mikro-Gen LtdAdventure: Text
10.8.34 (34)Red Moon1985Level 9 Computing LtdAdventure: Text
11.8.33 (29)Snowball1983Level 9 Computing LtdAdventure: Text
8.33 (35)Price of Magik, The1986Level 9 Computing LtdAdventure: Text
8.33 (26)Lancelot1988Mandarin SoftwareAdventure: Text
8.33 (26)Bored of the Rings1985Delta 4 SoftwareAdventure: Text
15.8.32 (24)Scapeghost1989Level 9 Computing LtdAdventure: Text
16.8.29 (30)Dracula1986CRL Group PLCAdventure: Text
17.8.28 (18)Run, Bronwynn, Run!1992FSF AdventuresAdventure: Text
8.28 (18)Gnome Ranger1987Level 9 Computing LtdAdventure: Text
19.8.27 (11)Microfair Madness1991Delbert the Hamster SoftwareAdventure: Text
20.8.26 (29)Twin Kingdom Valley1984Bug-Byte Software LtdAdventure: Text
8.26 (41)Gremlins1985Adventure InternationalAdventure: Text
22.8.25 (16)Jinxter1988Rainbird Software LtdAdventure: Text
8.25 (26)House on the Tor, The1990Zenobi SoftwareAdventure: Text
24.8.24 (17)Famous Five 1, The1990Enigma Variations LtdAdventure: Text
8.24 (27)Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde1988The Essential MythAdventure: Text
26.8.23 (24)Rigel's Revenge1987Bulldog Software [1]Adventure: Text
8.23 (37)Knight Orc1987Rainbird Software LtdAdventure: Text
28.8.22 (38)NeverEnding Story, The1985Ocean Software LtdAdventure: Text
29.8.21 (21)Dusk over Elfinton1987Skyslip SoftwareAdventure: Text
8.21 (21)Colour of Magic, The1986PiranhaAdventure: Text
31.8.19 (23)Stranded1992Zenobi SoftwareAdventure: Text
8.19 (23)Quest Adventure1983Hewson Consultants LtdAdventure: Text
8.19 (16)Perseus & Andromeda1983Digital FantasiaAdventure: Text
8.19 (16)Heroes of Karn1984Interceptor SoftwareAdventure: Text
35.8.17 (50)Worm in Paradise, The1985Level 9 Computing LtdAdventure: Text
8.17 (12)Personal Computer Whirled!1992Delbert the Hamster SoftwareAdventure: Text
8.17 (44)Lords of Time1983Level 9 Computing LtdAdventure: Text
8.17 (20)Colditz1984Phipps AssociatesAdventure: Text
8.17 (20)Adventure Quest1983Level 9 Computing LtdAdventure: Text
40.8.16 (19)Colossal Adventure1983Level 9 Computing LtdAdventure: Text
41.8.15 (28)Pawn, The1987Rainbird Software LtdAdventure: Text
42.8.14 (14)Very Big Cave Adventure, The1986CRL Group PLCAdventure: Text
43.8.13 (15)Fish!1989Rainbird Software LtdAdventure: Text
44.8.12 (16)Wizards Spell1986TynesoftAdventure: Text
8.12 (17)Mordon's Quest1985Melbourne HouseAdventure: Text
8.12 (17)Axe of Kolt, The1990FSF AdventuresAdventure: Text
8.12 (17)Alien Research Centre1990Zenobi SoftwareAdventure: Text
48.8.10 (10)Dark Tower, The1992River SoftwareAdventure: Text
49.8.09 (60)Urban Upstart1983Richard Shepherd Software LtdAdventure: Text
8.09 (11)Balrog and the Cat, The1988Zenobi SoftwareAdventure: Text
51.8.08 (12)Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle, The1985Adventure InternationalAdventure: Text
8.08 (13)Murder - He Said1993Zenobi SoftwareAdventure: Text
8.08 (12)Bulbo and the Lizard-King1987Zenobi SoftwareAdventure: Text
54.8.07 (15)Custerd's Quest1986Alpha-Omega SoftwareAdventure: Text
55.8.06 (16)Temple of Vran1984Incentive Software LtdAdventure: Text
8.06 (16)Shadows of Mordor1987Melbourne HouseAdventure: Text
8.06 (17)Mindshadow1985Activision IncAdventure: Text
8.06 (20)Boggit, The1986CRL Group PLCAdventure: Text
59.8.05 (22)Land Beyond Time, The2006Simon Allan SoftwareAdventure: Text
60.8.04 (28)Return to Eden1984Level 9 Computing LtdAdventure: Text
8.04 (29)Hulk, The1984Adventure InternationalAdventure: Text
62.8.03 (40)Lord of the Rings1986Melbourne HouseAdventure: Text
8.03 (33)Hampstead1984Melbourne HouseAdventure: Text
64.8.00 (18)Timewise1986HoopSnake DesignAdventure: Text
8.00 (22)Sorderon's Shadow1985Beyond SoftwareAdventure: Text
8.00 (20)Robin of Sherwood: The Touchstones of Rhiannon1985Adventure InternationalAdventure: Text
8.00 (19)Rebel Planet1986US Gold LtdAdventure: Text
8.00 (12)One of our Wombats is Missing1990Zenobi SoftwareAdventure: Text
8.00 (12)Girl Who Was Death, The1986Stephen PrestonAdventure: Text
8.00 (9)Giant Killer1988TopologikaAdventure: Text
8.00 (10)Everyday Tale of a Seeker of Gold, An1986Zenobi SoftwareAdventure: Text
8.00 (10)Corruption1988Rainbird Software LtdAdventure: Text
8.00 (8)Blood of Bogmole, The1991Compass SoftwareAdventure: Text
8.00 (9)Bardic Rite, The1994Zenobi SoftwareAdventure: Text
75.7.95 (19)Raven, The19888th Day SoftwareAdventure: Text
76.7.94 (18)Temple of Terror1987US Gold LtdAdventure: Text
7.94 (34)Seabase Delta1985Firebird Software LtdAdventure: Text
7.94 (16)Moonscape - Escape from the Moon2008Simon Allan SoftwareAdventure: Text
7.94 (16)Masters of the Universe - The Super Adventure1987US Gold LtdAdventure: Text
7.94 (20)Dungeon Master, The1983Crystal ComputingAdventure: Dungeon Crawl
7.94 (17)Blizzard Pass1986Adventuresoft UK LtdAdventure: Text
82.7.93 (15)Wiz-Biz1987Alternative Software LtdAdventure: Text
7.93 (14)Puzzled!1990The GuildAdventure: Text
84.7.92 (12)Twice Shy1986Mosaic Publishing LtdAdventure: Text
7.92 (26)Spider-Man1984Adventure InternationalAdventure: Text
7.92 (13)Shadows of the Past1990Compass SoftwareAdventure: Text
7.92 (12)Magic Mountain1983Phipps AssociatesAdventure: Text
7.92 (12)Ingrid's Back1988Level 9 Computing LtdAdventure: Text
7.92 (13)Hermitage, The1989Pegasus SoftwareAdventure: Text
7.92 (13)Harvesting Moon, A19858th Day SoftwareAdventure: Text
7.92 (12)H.R.H.19868th Day SoftwareAdventure: Text
7.92 (13)Demon from the Darkside1986Compass SoftwareAdventure: Text
93.7.91 (11)Skelvullyn Twine1986Peter G. PointonAdventure: Text
94.7.90 (10)Fantasia Diamond1984Hewson Consultants LtdAdventure: Text
7.90 (10)Davy Jones Locker1987River SoftwareAdventure: Text
96.7.88 (17)Saga of Erik the Viking, The1984Mosaic Publishing LtdAdventure: Text
7.88 (17)Emerald Isle1985Level 9 Computing LtdAdventure: Text
98.7.86 (23)Wolfman1988CRL Group PLCAdventure: Text
7.86 (46)Subsunk1985Firebird Software LtdAdventure: Text
100.7.85 (22)Loads of Midnight1987CRL Group PLCAdventure: Text

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