This is The Offical Game Top 100 Of All Time, according to Your Sinclair journalist Stuart Campbell (published in issues 70 (October 1991) through 74 (February 1992)), as well as the Readers Top 100, which was voted for by the Your Sinclair readers (published in issue 93 (September 1993)).

TitlePublisher Position TitlePublisher
DeathchaseMicromega 1 Chase H.Q.Ocean Software Ltd
Rebel StarFirebird Software Ltd 2 Rainbow IslandsOcean Software Ltd
All or NothingAbbex Electronics 3 R-TypeElectric Dreams Software
Stop the ExpressSinclair Research Ltd 4 Sim CityInfogrames
Head over HeelsOcean Software Ltd 5 ChaosGames Workshop
R-TypeElectric Dreams Software 6 Manic MinerBug-Byte Software Ltd
The SentinelFirebird Software Ltd 7 EliteFirebird Software Ltd
Rainbow IslandsOcean Software Ltd 8 Back to SkoolMicrosphere
Boulder DashFront Runner 9 RoboCopOcean Software Ltd
T.L.L.Vortex Software 10 DeathchaseMicromega
Sim CityInfogrames 11 Midnight ResistanceOcean Software Ltd
Carrier CommandRainbird Software Ltd 12 Myth: History in the MakingSystem 3 Software Ltd
Chuckie EggA'n'F Software 13 Target; RenegadeImagine Software Ltd
Ant AttackQuicksilva Ltd 14 Head over HeelsOcean Software Ltd
Lords of MidnightBeyond Software 15 Mercenary: Escape from TargNovagen Software Ltd
EliteFirebird Software Ltd 16 Laser SquadBlade Software Ltd
StarquakeBubblebus Software 17 Lotus Esprit Turbo ChallengeGremlin Graphics Software Ltd
UnderwurldeUltimate Play The Game 18 Spellbound DizzyCode Masters Ltd
Back to SkoolMicrosphere 19 QuazatronHewson Consultants Ltd
Spy vs. SpyBeyond Software 20 LemmingsPsygnosis Ltd
AlienMind Games 21 Lords of ChaosBlade Software Ltd
Chase H.Q.Ocean Software Ltd 22 Knight LoreUltimate Play The Game
The Great EscapeOcean Software Ltd 23 Skool DazeMicrosphere
3D Starstrike 2Realtime Games Software Ltd 24 Space CrusadeGremlin Graphics Software Ltd
Manic MinerBug-Byte Software Ltd 25 Lords of MidnightBeyond Software
Light ForceFaster Than Light 26 Operation WolfOcean Software Ltd
Super Hang-OnElectric Dreams Software 27 StarquakeBubblebus Software
DeactivatorsReaktor 28 Chuckie EggA'n'F Software
Think!Ariolasoft UK Ltd 29 The Great EscapeOcean Software Ltd
NebulusHewson Consultants Ltd 30 Ant AttackQuicksilva Ltd
Lunar JetmanUltimate Play The Game 31 CommandoElite Systems Ltd
Jet Set WillySoftware Projects Ltd 32 Rebel StarFirebird Software Ltd
Knight LoreUltimate Play The Game 33 Jet Set WillySoftware Projects Ltd
Deus Ex MachinaAutomata UK Ltd 34 The New Zealand StoryOcean Software Ltd
I, Ball 2: Quest for the PastFirebird Software Ltd 35 PekingYour Sinclair
CybernoidHewson Consultants Ltd 36 TurricanRainbow Arts
Lode RunnerSoftware Projects Ltd 37 Fantasy World DizzyCode Masters Ltd
GauntletUS Gold Ltd 38 Football Manager 2Addictive Games Ltd
MercenaryNovagen Software Ltd 39 GauntletUS Gold Ltd
Highway EncounterVortex Software 40 Jack the NipperGremlin Graphics Software Ltd
Fantasy World DizzyCode Masters Ltd 41 PangOcean Software Ltd
The HobbitMelbourne House 42 Smash TVOcean Software Ltd
Midnight ResistanceOcean Software Ltd 43 Atic AtacUltimate Play The Game
RescueMastertronic Ltd 44 Rod-LandStorm Software [2]
International Match DayOcean Software Ltd 45 The Way of the Exploding FistMelbourne House
Bobby BearingThe Edge Software 46 Carrier CommandRainbird Software Ltd
AnticsBug-Byte Software Ltd 47 Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off-Road RacerVirgin Games Ltd
RenegadeOcean Software Ltd 48 RenegadeOcean Software Ltd
TetrisMirrorsoft Ltd 49 Spy vs. SpyBeyond Software
Enduro RacerActivision Inc 50 Football ManagerAddictive Games Ltd
Robotron: 2084Atarisoft 51 North & SouthInfogrames
Jumping JackImagine Software Ltd 52 RoboCopOcean Software Ltd
Ping-PongImagine Software Ltd 53 Total RecallOcean Software Ltd
RastanImagine Software Ltd 54 F-16 Combat PilotDigital Integration
SaboteurDurell Software Ltd 55 Rebel Star 2Silverbird Software Ltd
Bounty Bob Strikes BackUS Gold Ltd 56 Slightly MagicCode Masters Ltd
Dun DarachGargoyle Games 57 Auf Wiedersehen MontyGremlin Graphics Software Ltd
Operation WolfOcean Software Ltd 58 Bubble BobbleFirebird Software Ltd
Hyper SportsImagine Software Ltd 59 Turbo the TortoiseHi-Tec Software Ltd
Knot in 3DNew Generation Software 60 Golden AxeVirgin Games Ltd
Eric and the FloatersSinclair Research Ltd 61 Hero QuestGremlin Graphics Software Ltd
ThrustFirebird Software Ltd 62 Monty Python's Flying CircusVirgin Mastertronic Ltd
ScrabbleSinclair Research Ltd 63 SwitchbladeGremlin Graphics Software Ltd
Buggy BoyElite Systems Ltd 64 Turbo EspritDurell Software Ltd
BattyHitpak 65 Bomb JackElite Systems Ltd
SplatIncentive Software Ltd 66 Contact Sam CruiseMicrosphere
The Way of the Exploding FistMelbourne House 67 Sabre WulfUltimate Play The Game
TapperUS Gold Ltd 68 The HobbitMelbourne House
Match PointSinclair Research Ltd 69 Wonder BoyActivision Inc
G-ForceEuro-Byte 70 Crystal Kingdom DizzyCode Masters Ltd
Frankie Goes to HollywoodOcean Software Ltd 71 Doomdark's RevengeBeyond Software
HijackElectric Dreams Software 72 Hudson HawkOcean Software Ltd
PopeyeDK'Tronics Ltd 73 JetpacUltimate Play The Game
PangOcean Software Ltd 74 Match DayOcean Software Ltd
WrigglerRomantic Robot UK Ltd 75 PyjamaramaMikro-Gen Ltd
Three Weeks in ParadiseMikro-Gen Ltd 76 TetrisMirrorsoft Ltd
GyroscopeMelbourne House 77 AlienMind Games
Flying SharkFirebird Software Ltd 78 ArkanoidImagine Software Ltd
Atic AtacUltimate Play The Game 79 CybernoidHewson Consultants Ltd
Sir LancelotMelbourne House 80 Dan Dare: Pilot of the FutureVirgin Games Ltd
Dark StarDesign Design Software 81 Flying SharkFirebird Sofwtare Ltd
HyperactionSilversoft Ltd 82 FredIndescomp S.A.
Football ManagerAddictive Games Ltd 83 Horace Goes SkiingSinclair Research Ltd
Technician TedHewson Consultants Ltd 84 PopeyeDK'Tronics Ltd
Guardian 2: Revenge of the MutantsHi-Tec Software Ltd 85 Stunt Car RacerMicro Style
TrashmanNew Generation Software 86 Block-DizzyYour Sinclair
Codename MatMicromega 87 Continental CircusVirgin Mastertronic Ltd
WheelieMicrosphere 88 International Match DayOcean Software Ltd
CobraOcean Software Ltd 89 Kwik SnaxCode Masters Ltd
BounderGremlin Graphics Software Ltd 90 Mr. FreezeFirebird Software Ltd
AvalonHewson Consultants Ltd 91 Nodes of YesodOdin Computer Graphics Ltd
Green BeretImagine Software Ltd 92 Pac-ManiaGrandslam Entertainments Ltd
GyronFirebird Software Ltd 93 AstroballDigital Reality [1]
RoboCopOcean Software Ltd 94 The Wild BunchFirebird Software Ltd
The Train GameMicrosphere 95 TrashmanNew Generation Software
Cruising on BroadwaySolarsoft 96 Where Time Stood StillOcean Software Ltd
Mined OutQuicksilva Ltd 97 UnderwurldeUltimate Play The Game
PheenixMegadodo 98 BattyHitpak
MaziacsDK'Tronics Ltd 99 Nigel Mansell's World ChampionshipGremlin Graphics Software Ltd
ZzoomImagine Software Ltd 100 Moon StrikeMirrorsoft Ltd

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