These are all known tie-in licensed games. If we missed any, please fill us in!.

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19421986Elite Systems LtdArcade: Shoot-em-up1942
19431988Go!Arcade: Shoot-em-up1943: The Battle of Midway
720 Degrees1987US Gold LtdArcade: Action720 Degrees
Ace AttackerActivision IncSport: ActionSega Enterprises Ltd
Action Fighter1989Firebird Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upAction Fighter
Afterburner1988Activision IncArcade: Shoot-em-upAfter Burner
Alien Storm1991US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upAlien Storm
Alien Syndrome1988ACE Software [1]Arcade: MazeAlien Syndrome
Altered Beast1989Activision IncArcade: Gang beat-em-upAltered Beast
APB1989Domark LtdArcade: Vehicle CombatA.P.B.
Arkanoid1987Imagine Software LtdArcade: ActionArkanoid
Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh1988Imagine Software LtdArcade: ActionArkanoid - Revenge of Doh
Athena1987Imagine Software LtdArcade: PlatformAthena
Atomic Robo-KidActivision IncArcade: Shoot-em-upAtomic Robo-Kid
Badlands1990Domark LtdArcade: Vehicle CombatBadlands
Battlezone1984Quicksilva LtdTactical CombatBattlezone
Beast BustersActivision IncArcade: Shoot-em-upBeast Busters
Big RunStorm Software [2]Arcade: Race 'n' ChaseBig Run
Bionic Commando1988Go!Arcade: PlatformBionic Commando
Black Tiger1989Go!Arcade: Shoot-em-upBlack Tiger
Blasteroids1989Image WorksArcade: Shoot-em-upBlasteroids
Bomb Jack1986Elite Systems LtdArcade: PlatformBomb Jack
Bomb Jack II1987Elite Systems LtdArcade: PlatformBomb Jack
Bonanza Bros.1992US Gold LtdArcade: ActionBonanza Bros.
Bosconian '871987Mastertronic LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upBosconian
Breakthru1986US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upBreakThru
Bubble Bobble1987Firebird Software LtdArcade: PlatformBubble Bobble
Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom1985US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upBuck Rogers: Planet of Zoom
Buggy Boy1988Elite Systems LtdArcade: Race 'n' ChaseSpeed Buggy
Cabal1989Ocean Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upCabal
Cavelon1984Ocean Software LtdArcade: MazeCavelon
Championship Sprint1988Electric Dreams SoftwareArcade: Race 'n' ChaseChampionship Sprint
Chase H.Q.1989Ocean Software LtdArcade: Vehicle CombatChase H.Q.
Chase H.Q. II: Special Criminal Investigation1990Ocean Software LtdArcade: Vehicle CombatSpecial Criminal Investigation
Cisco Heat1991Image WorksArcade: Race 'n' ChaseCisco Heat
Combat School1987Ocean Software LtdArcade: ActionCombat School
Commando1985Elite Systems LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upCommando
Congo BongoUS Gold LtdArcade: ActionCongo Bongo
Continental Circus1989Virgin Mastertronic LtdArcade: Race 'n' ChaseContinental Circuit
Crack Down1990US Gold LtdArcade: ActionCrack Down
Crystal Castles1986US Gold LtdArcade: AdventureCrystal Castles
Cyberball1990Domark LtdArcade: ActionCyberball
Darius+1990The EdgeArcade: Shoot-em-upDarius
Deep, The1988US Gold LtdArcade: ActionRun Deep
Desolator1988US Gold LtdArcade: MazeKyros
Desperado1987Topo SoftArcade: Shoot-em-upGunsmoke
Donkey Kong1986Ocean Software LtdArcade: PlatformDonkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr.1984AtarisoftArcade: PlatformDonkey Kong Junior
Double Dragon1989Melbourne HouseArcade: Gang beat-em-upDouble Dragon
Double Dragon II: The Revenge1989Virgin Mastertronic LtdArcade: Gang beat-em-upDouble Dragon II: The Revenge
Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone1991Storm Software [2]Arcade: Gang beat-em-upDouble Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone
Dragon Breed1990Activision IncArcade: Shoot-em-upDragon Breed
Dragon Ninja1988Imagine Software LtdArcade: Gang beat-em-upDragon Ninja
Dragon's Lair1986Software Projects LtdArcade: ActionDragon's Lair
Dragon's Lair IIEmpire SoftwareArcade: ActionDragon's Lair II
Dragon's Lair II: Escape from Singe's Castle1987Software Projects LtdArcade: ActionDragon's Lair
Dragon Spirit1989Domark LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upDragon Spirit
Dynamite Dux1989Activision IncArcade: Gang beat-em-upDynamite Dux
Dynasty Wars1990US Gold LtdArcade: ActionDynasty Wars
Elevator Action1987Quicksilva LtdArcade: PlatformElevator Action
Empire Strikes Back, The1988Domark LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upEmpire Strikes Back, The
Enduro Racer1987Activision IncArcade: Race 'n' ChaseEnduro Racer
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters1990Domark LtdArcade: AdventureEscape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters
E-SWAT1990US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upESWAT Cyber Police
Euro Football ChampDomark LtdSport: ActionEuro Football Champ
Express Raider1987US Gold LtdArcade: ActionExpress Raider
Exterminator1991Audiogenic Software LtdArcade: ActionExterminator
Fighting Soccer1989Activision IncSport: ActionFighting Soccer
Final Fight1991US Gold LtdArcade: Gang beat-em-upFinal Fight
Fire and Forget II: The Death ConvoyTitusArcade: Shoot-em-upFire & Forget II
FireTrap1987Electric Dreams SoftwareArcade: ActionFireTrap
Flying Shark1987Firebird Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upFlying Shark
Forgotten Worlds1989US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upForgotten Worlds
Frank Bruno's Boxing1985Elite Systems LtdSport: ActionSuper Punch-Out!!
Galaxian1984AtarisoftArcade: Shoot-em-upGalaxian
Galaxy Force1989Activision IncArcade: Shoot-em-upGalaxy Force
Galivan - Cosmo Police1986Imagine Software LtdArcade: ActionGalivan - Cosmo Police
Gauntlet1987US Gold LtdArcade: MazeGauntlet
Gauntlet II1988US Gold LtdArcade: MazeGauntlet II
Gauntlet III: The Final Quest1991US Gold LtdArcade: MazeGauntlet
Gemini Wing1989Virgin Mastertronic LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upGemini Wing
Ghost 'n Goblins1986Elite Systems LtdArcade: ActionGhosts 'n Goblins
Ghouls 'n' Ghosts1989US Gold LtdArcade: ActionGhouls 'n Ghosts
G-LOC1992US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upG-LOC
Golden Axe1990Virgin Games LtdArcade: Gang beat-em-upGolden Axe
Great Gurianos1987Hit-PakArcade: Solo beat-em-upGladiator
Green Beret1986Imagine Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upGreen Beret
Gryzor1987Ocean Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upGryzor
Guerrilla War1988Imagine Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upGuerrilla War
Gyruss1984Parker SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upGyruss
Hard Drivin'1989Domark LtdArcade: Race 'n' ChaseHard Drivin'
Hot Rod1990Activision IncArcade: Race 'n' ChaseHot-Rod
Hunchback1984Ocean Software LtdArcade: PlatformHunchback
Hydra1991Domark LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upHydra
Hyper Sports1985Imagine Software LtdSport: ActionHyper Sports
Ikari Warriors1988Elite Systems LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upIkari Warriors
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom1987US Gold LtdArcade: PlatformIndiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Indy HeatStorm Software [2]Arcade: Race 'n' ChaseDanny Sullivan's Indy Heat
Iron HorseKonami LtdArcade: ActionIron Horse
Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road1990Virgin Games LtdArcade: Race 'n' ChaseIvan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road
Jackal1987Konami LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upJackal
Jail Break1987Konami LtdArcade: ActionJail Break
Karnov1988Electric Dreams SoftwareArcade: ActionKarnov
Klax1990Domark LtdPuzzleKLAX
Kung-Fu Master1986US Gold LtdArcade: Gang beat-em-upKung-Fu Master
Last Duel1989US Gold LtdArcade: Vehicle CombatLast Duel
Last Mission1987US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upLast Mission
LED Storm1988Go!Arcade: Vehicle CombatLED Storm
Legend of Kage1987Imagine Software LtdArcade: PlatformLegend of Kage, The
Line of Fire1990US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upLine of Fire
Mag Max1987Imagine Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upMagMax
Marble Madness1986Melbourne HouseArcade: ActionMarble Madness
Marble Madness DeLuxe Edition1986Melbourne HouseArcade: ActionMarble Madness
Mario Bros1987Ocean Software LtdArcade: PlatformMario Bros
Mega TwinsUS Gold LtdArcade: AdventureMega Twins
Mercs1991US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upMercs
Metro-Cross1987US Gold LtdArcade: ActionMetro-Cross
Midnight Resistance1990Ocean Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upMidnight Resistance
Mighty Bomb JackElite Systems LtdArcade: PlatformMighty Bomb Jack
Mikie1985Imagine Software LtdArcade: ActionMikie
Moon Cresta1985Incentive Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upMoon Cresta
Moon Patrol1984AtarisoftArcade: Shoot-em-upMoon Patrol
Motos1987Mastertronic Added DimensionPuzzleMotos
Mr. Heli1989Firebird Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upMr. Heli
Ms. Pac-Man1984AtarisoftArcade: MazeMs. Pac-Man
NARC1990Ocean Software LtdArcade: ActionNARC
Nemesis1987Konami LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upNemesis
New Zealand Story, The1989Ocean Software LtdArcade: PlatformNew Zealand Story, The
Ninja Spirit1990Activision IncArcade: ActionNinja Spirit
Ninja Warriors, The1989Virgin Games LtdArcade: Gang beat-em-upNinja Warriors, The
Operation Thunderbolt1989Ocean Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upOperation Thunderbolt
Operation Wolf1988Ocean Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upOperation Wolf
Out Run1987US Gold LtdArcade: Race 'n' ChaseOut Run
Out Run Europa1991US Gold LtdArcade: Race 'n' ChaseOut Run
P-47 Thunderbolt1990Firebird Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upP-47: The Freedom Fighter
Pac-Land1989Grandslam Entertainments Ltd/Quicksilva LtdArcade: PlatformPac-Land
Pac-Man1984AtarisoftArcade: MazePac-Man
Pac-Mania1988Grandslam Entertainments LtdArcade: MazePac-Mania
Pang1990Ocean Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upPang
Paperboy1986Elite Systems LtdArcade: ActionPaperboy
Paperboy 21992Mindscape International IncArcade: ActionPaperboy
Passing Shot1989Image WorksSport: ActionPassing Shot
Peter Pack Rat1989Silverbird Software LtdArcade: ActionPeter Pack Rat
Ping Pong1986Imagine Software LtdSport: ActionPing Pong
Pit-Fighter1991Domark LtdArcade: Solo beat-em-upPit-Fighter
Plotting1990Ocean Software LtdPuzzlePlotting
Pole Position1984AtarisoftArcade: Race 'n' ChasePole Position
Popeye1984Parker SoftwareArcade: PlatformPopeye
Power Drift1989Activision IncArcade: Race 'n' ChasePower Drift
Psycho Pigs U.X.B.1988US Gold LtdArcade: ActionButasan
Psycho Soldier1987Imagine Software LtdArcade: PlatformPsycho Soldier
Puzznic1990Ocean Software LtdPuzzlePuzznic
Q*Bert1984Parker SoftwareArcade: ActionQ*bert
Quarterback1990Virgin Games LtdSport: ActionQuarterback
Quartet1987Activision IncArcade: Shoot-em-upQuartet
Rainbow Islands1990Ocean Software LtdArcade: PlatformRainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2
Rampage1988Activision IncArcade: ActionRampage
RampartDomark LtdPuzzleRampart
Rastan1988Imagine Software LtdArcade: ActionRastan
R.B.I. 2 Baseball1991Domark LtdSport: ActionAtari R.B.I. Baseball
Real Ghostbusters, The1989Activision IncArcade: ActionReal Ghostbusters, The
Renegade1987Imagine Software LtdArcade: Gang beat-em-upRenegade
Return of the Jedi1989Domark LtdArcade: ActionReturn of the Jedi
Road Blasters1988US Gold LtdArcade: Vehicle CombatRoadBlasters
Road Runner1987US Gold LtdArcade: ActionRoad Runner
Roadwars1987Melbourne HouseArcade: Vehicle CombatRoad Wars
Robotron: 20841984AtarisoftArcade: Shoot-em-upRobotron: 2084
Rod-Land1991Storm Software [2]Arcade: PlatformRod-Land
Rolling Thunder1988US Gold LtdArcade: ActionRolling Thunder
R-Type1988Electric Dreams SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upR-Type
R-Type IIActivision IncArcade: Shoot-em-upR-Type II
Rygar1987US Gold LtdArcade: ActionRygar - Legendary Warrior
Salamander1987Konami LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upSalamander
Scramble Spirits1990Grandslam Entertainments LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upScramble Spirits
S.D.I.1988Activision IncArcade: Shoot-em-upSDI: Strategic Defense Initiative
Shackled1988US Gold LtdArcade: MazeShackled
Shadow Dancer1991US Gold LtdArcade: Gang beat-em-upShadow Dancer
Shadow Warriors1990Ocean Software LtdArcade: Gang beat-em-upShadow Warriors
Shao-Lin's Road1986The EdgeArcade: Gang beat-em-upShao-Lin's Road
Shinobi1989Virgin Games LtdArcade: Gang beat-em-upShinobi
Side Arms1988Go!Arcade: Shoot-em-upSide Arms - Hyper Dyne
Silkworm1989Virgin Games LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upSilkworm
Skull & Crossbones1991Domark LtdArcade: Gang beat-em-upSkull & Crossbones
Slap Fight1987Imagine Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upSlap Fight
Sly Spy: Secret Agent1990Ocean Software LtdArcade: ActionSly Spy
Smash TV1991Ocean Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upSmash TV
Soldier of Light1988ACE Software [1]Arcade: Shoot-em-upSoldier of Light
Solomon's Key1987US Gold LtdArcade: PlatformSolomon's Key
Sonic Boom1990Activision IncArcade: Shoot-em-upSonic Boom
Space Gun1992Ocean Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Gun
Space Harrier1986Elite Systems LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Harrier
Space Harrier II1990Grandslam Entertainments LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Harrier
Spy Hunter1985US Gold LtdArcade: Vehicle CombatSpy Hunter
Star Wars1987Domark LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upStar Wars
Star Wars1984Parker SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upStar Wars
St. Dragon1990Storm Software [2]Arcade: Shoot-em-upSt. Dragon
Street Fighter1988Go!Arcade: Solo beat-em-upStreet Fighter
Street Fighter II1993Go!Arcade: Solo beat-em-upStreet Fighter II: The World Warrior
Strider1989US Gold LtdArcade: ActionStrider
Strider II1990US Gold LtdArcade: ActionStrider
S.T.U.N. Runner1990Domark LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upS.T.U.N. Runner
Super Hang-On1987Electric Dreams SoftwareArcade: Race 'n' ChaseSuper Hang-On
Super Monaco GP1991US Gold LtdArcade: Race 'n' ChaseSuper Monaco GP
Super Space Invaders1991Domark LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upSuper Space Invaders '91
Super Sprint1987Electric Dreams SoftwareArcade: Race 'n' ChaseSuper Sprint
Super Wonder Boy1989Activision IncArcade: PlatformWonder Boy: Monster Land
SWIV1991Storm Software [2]Arcade: Shoot-em-upSilkworm
Tank1987Ocean Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upTNK III
Tapper1985US Gold LtdArcade: ActionTapper
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - The Coin-Op1991Image WorksArcade: Gang beat-em-upTeenage Mutant Hero Turtles
Tempest1987Electric Dreams SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upTempest
Terra Cresta1986Imagine Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upTerra Cresta
Thunder Blade1988US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upThunder Blade
ThunderJaws1991Domark LtdArcade: ActionThunderJaws
Tiger Road1988Go!Arcade: Gang beat-em-upTiger Road
Time Scanner1989Activision IncArcade: PinballTime Scanner
TokiOcean Software LtdArcade: PlatformToki
Toobin'1989Domark LtdArcade: ActionToobin'
Track and Field1988Ocean Software LtdSport: ActionTrack & Field
TrojanDurell Software LtdArcade: ActionTrojan
Turbo Out Run1989US Gold LtdArcade: Race 'n' ChaseTurbo Out Run
Typhoon1988Imagine Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upTyphoon
U.N. Squadron1990US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upU.N. Squadron
Up 'n DownUS Gold LtdArcade: ActionUp 'n Down
Victory Road1989Imagine Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upVictory Road
Vigilante1989US Gold LtdArcade: Gang beat-em-upVigilante
Vindicators1989Domark LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upVindicators
Vulcan VentureKonami LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upVulcan Venture
WEC Le Mans1988Imagine Software LtdArcade: Race 'n' ChaseWEC Le Mans
Wonder Boy1987Activision IncArcade: PlatformWonder Boy
World Championship Soccer1991Elite Systems LtdSport: ActionSega Enterprises Ltd
Xenophobe1989Micro StyleArcade: Shoot-em-upXenophobe
Xevious1987US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upXevious
Xybots1989Domark LtdArcade: ActionXybots
Yie Ar Kung-Fu1985Imagine Software LtdArcade: Solo beat-em-upYie Ar Kung-Fu
Yie Ar Kung-Fu 21986Imagine Software LtdArcade: Solo beat-em-upYie Ar Kung-Fu
Zaxxon1985US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upZaxxon
(237 titles listed)
Avenger1986Gremlin Graphics Software LtdArcade: MazeAvenger!
Axe1987Top Ten SoftwareAdventure: TextAxe: A Tale of Carthelion
Blood Valley1987Gremlin Graphics Software LtdArcade: AdventureArmada Books
Castle of Lost SoulsGames WorkshopAdventure: TextCastle of Lost Souls
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory1985Hill MacGibbonArcade: ActionCharlie and the Chocolate Factory
Citadel of Chaos, The1984Puffin BooksAdventure: RPGCitadel of Chaos, The
Colour of Magic, The1986PiranhaAdventure: TextColour of Magic, The
Complete Guide to Medicine, The1984Eastmead Computer SystemsEducationalComplete Guide to Medicine, The
Eureka!1984Domark LtdAdventure: GraphicEureka!
Falcon: The Renegade Lord1987Virgin Games LtdArcade: ActionFalcon: The Renegade Lord
Famous Five 1, The1990Enigma Variations LtdAdventure: TextFive on a Treasure Island
Fire on the Water1984ArrowAdventure: GraphicFire on the Water
First Aid1984Eastmead Computer SystemsEducationalFirst Aid
Flight from the Dark1984ArrowAdventure: GraphicFlight from the Dark
Forest of Doom, The1984Puffin BooksAdventure: RPGForest of Doom, The
Fourth Protocol, The1985Hutchinson Computer PublishingAdventure: GraphicFourth Protocol, The
Goodnight Cruel WorldAbstract ConceptsAdventure: TextGoodnight Cruel World
Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, The1987Virgin Games LtdAdventure: TextGrowing Pains of Adrian Mole, The
Hareraiser: Finale1984Haresoft LtdPuzzleMasquerade
Hareraiser: Prelude1984Haresoft LtdPuzzleMasquerade
Hobbit, The1982Melbourne HouseAdventure: TextHobbit, The
How Long Have You Got?1984Eastmead Computer SystemsEducationalHow Long Have You Got?
How to be a Complete Bastard1987Virgin Games LtdAdventure: GraphicHow to be a Complete Bastard
Hunt for Red October, The - Based on the Book1988Grandslam Entertainments LtdSimulationHunt for Red October, The
Kayleth1986US Gold LtdAdventure: TextKayleth
Know Your Own Personality1985Mirrorsoft LtdEducationalKnow Your Own Personality
Know Your Own Psi-Q1985Mirrorsoft LtdEducationalKnow Your Own Psi-Q
Legend1984Century Software [1]Adventure: GraphicLegend
Lone Wolf and the Ice Halls of Terror1985Hutchinson Computer PublishingAdventure: GraphicCaverns of Kalte, The
Lone Wolf - The Mirror of Death1991Audiogenic Software LtdArcade: AdventurePlague Lords of Ruel, The
Lord of the Rings1986Melbourne HouseAdventure: TextLord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings - The Arcade GameMelbourne HouseArcade: ActionLord of the Rings
Mindfighter1988Abstract ConceptsAdventure: TextMindfighter
My Secret File1984Mosaic Publishing LtdUtility: Database/FilingMy Secret File
Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less1987Domark LtdAdventure: TextNot a Penny More, Not a Penny Less
Overlord1988CCSStrategy: WarOverlord
Paddington and the Disappearing Ink1983Collins SoftEducationalPaddington
Paddington's Early Visit1983Collins SoftEducationalPaddington
Paddington's Garden Game1984Collins SoftArcade: MazePaddington
Paddington's Problem Picture1983Collins SoftEducationalPaddington
Paddington's Shopping Mix-Up1983Collins SoftEducationalPaddington
Pajaros de Bangkok, Los1988Dinamic SoftwareAdventure: TextPajaros de Bangkok, Los
Pen and the Dark, The1984Mosaic Publishing LtdAdventure: TextUnorthodox Engineers, The
Rats, The1985Hodder & Stoughton LtdAdventure: GraphicRats, The
Red Storm RisingMicroProse Software LtdSimulationRed Storm Rising
Rothmans Football Quick Quiz Volume 11985Cassell LtdQuizRothmans Football Yearbook
Saga of Erik the Viking, The1984Mosaic Publishing LtdAdventure: TextErik the Viking
Seas of Blood1985Adventure InternationalAdventure: TextSeas of Blood
Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4, The1985Mosaic Publishing LtdAdventure: TextSecret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4, The
Shadows of Mordor1987Melbourne HouseAdventure: TextLord of the Rings
Snowman, The1984Quicksilva LtdArcade: PlatformSnowman, The
Stainless Steel Rat, The1984Mosaic Publishing LtdAdventure: TextStainless Steel Rat, The
Sword of the Samurai1986Adventuresoft UK LtdAdventure: TextSword of the Samurai
Tai-Pan1987Ocean Software LtdArcade: AdventureTai-Pan
Tarzan1986Martech Games LtdArcade: AdventureTarzan
Temple of Terror1987US Gold LtdAdventure: TextTemple of Terror
Time Warrior1991Zenobi SoftwareAdventure: RPGAxe: A Tale of Carthelion
Twice Shy1986Mosaic Publishing LtdAdventure: TextTwice Shy
Warlock of Firetop Mountain, The1984Puffin BooksArcade: MazeWarlock of Firetop Mountain, The
Way of the Tiger, The1986Gremlin Graphics Software LtdArcade: Gang beat-em-upAvenger!
Width of the World, The1984Mosaic Publishing LtdAdventure: TextWidth of the World, The
(61 titles listed)
Alvin and the ChipmunksAlternative Software LtdArcade: AdventureAlvin and the Chipmunks
Atom Ant1990Hi-Tec Software LtdArcade: ActionAtom Ant
Basil the Great Mouse Detective1987Gremlin Graphics Software LtdArcade: AdventureBasil the Great Mouse Detective
Battle of the Planets1986Mikro-Gen LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upBattle of the Planets
BraveStarr1987Go!Arcade: ActionBraveStarr
Bugs Bunny - Private EyeHi-Tec Software LtdArcade: PlatformBugs Bunny
Challenge of the Gobots1987ReaktorArcade: Shoot-em-upChallenge of the Gobots
Count Duckula1989Alternative Software LtdArcade: AdventureCount Duckula
Count Duckula 21992Alternative Software LtdArcade: PlatformCount Duckula
Daffy DuckHi-Tec Software LtdArcade: AdventureDaffy Duck
Danger Mouse in Double Trouble1984Creative SparksArcade: AdventureDanger Mouse
Danger Mouse in Making Whoopee!1985Creative SparksArcade: MazeDanger Mouse
Danger Mouse in the Black Forest Chateau1984Creative SparksAdventure: TextDanger Mouse
Don Quijote1987Dinamic SoftwareAdventure: TextDon Quijote de la Mancha
Edd the Duck1990ImpulzeArcade: PlatformEdd the Duck
First Steps with the Mr. Men1983Mirrorsoft LtdEducationalMr. Men, The
Flintstones, The1988Grandslam Entertainments LtdArcade: AdventureFlintstones, The
Here and There with the Mr. Men1985Mirrorsoft LtdEducationalMr. Men, The
Hi Bouncer!1984Mirrorsoft LtdEducationalMr. Men, The
Hong Kong Phooey1990Hi-Tec Software LtdArcade: Gang beat-em-upHong Kong Phooey
Inspector Gadget and the Circus of Fear1987Melbourne HouseArcade: AdventureInspector Gadget
Invisible Mr. Men, The1985Mirrorsoft LtdEducationalMr. Men, The
Jetsons, The1992Hi-Tec Software LtdArcade: AdventureJetsons, The
Jonny Quest1991Hi-Tec Software LtdArcade: PlatformJonny Quest
Masters of the Universe - The Arcade Game1987US Gold LtdArcade: AdventureMasters of the Universe
Masters of the Universe - The Super Adventure1987US Gold LtdAdventure: TextMasters of the Universe
Mickey Mouse1988Gremlin Graphics Software LtdArcade: PlatformMickey Mouse
Mr. Men Magic Storymaker1985Mirrorsoft LtdEducational|Mr. Men, The
Pink Panther1988Gremlin Graphics Software LtdArcade: ActionPink Panther
Pixie and DixieAlternative Software LtdArcade: ActionPixie and Dixie
Popeye1985DK'Tronics LtdArcade: PlatformPopeye
Popeye 21991Alternative Software LtdArcade: PlatformPopeye
Potsworth & Co.1992Hi-Tec Software LtdArcade: AdventurePotsworth & Co.
Quick Draw McGraw1991Hi-Tec Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upQuick Draw McGraw
Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote1991Hi-Tec Software LtdArcade: ActionRoad Runner
Ruff and Reddy in the Space Adventure1990Hi-Tec Software LtdArcade: AdventureRuff and Reddy
Rupert and the Ice Castle1986Bug-Byte Software LtdArcade: PlatformRupert
Rupert and the Toymaker's Party1985Quicksilva LtdArcade: PlatformRupert
Scooby-Doo1986Elite Systems LtdArcade: ActionScooby-Doo
Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo1991Hi-Tec Software LtdArcade: PlatformScooby-Doo
Shoe People, The1992First ClassEducationalThe Shoe People
Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants, The1991Ocean Software LtdArcade: AdventureSimpsons, The
SuperTed1984Longman SoftwareArcade: ActionSuperTed
SuperTed: The Search for Spot1990Alternative Software LtdArcade: AdventureSuperTed
Thundercats1987Elite Systems LtdArcade: Gang beat-em-upThundercats
Toi Acid Game1989Iber SoftwareArcade: ActionPanrico
Tom & Jerry 21989Magic BytesArcade: AdventureTom & Jerry
Top CatElite Systems LtdArcade: ActionTop Cat
Top Cat in Beverly Hills Cats1991Hi-Tec Software LtdArcade: AdventureTop Cat
Wacky RacesElite Systems LtdArcade: Race 'n' ChaseWacky Races
Wacky Races1992Hi-Tec Software LtdArcade: ActionWacky Races
Word Games with the Mr. Men1984Mirrorsoft LtdEducationalMr. Men, The
Wrestle Crazy1992Alternative Software LtdArcade: Solo beat-em-upPopeye
Yabba Dabba Doo!1986Quicksilva LtdArcade: ActionFlintstones, The
Yogi Bear1987PiranhaArcade: AdventureYogi Bear
Yogi Bear & Friends: The Greed Monster1990Hi-Tec Software LtdArcade: AdventureYogi Bear
Yogi's Great Escape1990Hi-Tec Software LtdArcade: PlatformYogi Bear
(57 titles listed)
Amazing Spider-Man, TheEmpire SoftwareArcade: ActionSpider-Man
Andy Capp1988Mirrorsoft LtdAdventure: GraphicAndy Capp
Asterix and the Magic Cauldron1986Melbourne HouseArcade: AdventureAsterix
Batman1986Ocean Software LtdArcade: PlatformBatman
Batman: The Caped Crusader1988Ocean Software LtdArcade: ActionBatman
Bazooka Bill1986Melbourne HouseArcade: Shoot-em-upBazooka Bill
Caesar's Travels1985Mirrorsoft LtdEducationalCaesar the Cat
Caesar the Cat1984Novotrade Rt.EducationalCaesar the Cat
Capitan Trueno1990Dinamic SoftwareArcade: ActionCapitan Trueno
Captain America in the Doom Tube of Dr Megalomann1988Go!Arcade: ActionCaptain America
Clever & Smart1988Magic BytesArcade: AdventureMortadelo y Filemon
Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future1986Virgin Games LtdArcade: AdventureDan Dare
Dan Dare II: Mekon's Revenge1988Virgin Games LtdArcade: AdventureDan Dare
Dan Dare III: The Escape1990Virgin Games LtdArcade: AdventureDan Dare
Dr. Doom's Revenge!1989Empire SoftwareArcade: Solo beat-em-upCaptain America
Fantastic Four - Part One1986Adventure InternationalAdventure: TextFantastic Four
Flash Gordon1987Mastertronic Added DimensionArcade: AdventureFlash Gordon
Garfield - Big, Fat, Hairy Deal1988The EdgeAdventure: GraphicGarfield
Garfield - Winter's Tail1990The EdgeArcade: AdventureGarfield
Hagar the HorribleThe Software BusinessArcade: ActionHagar the Horrible
Halo JonesPiranhaArcade: ActionHalo Jones
Hulk, The1984Adventure InternationalAdventure: TextHulk, The
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis1992US Gold LtdArcade: AdventureIndiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Jabato1989Aventuras AD S.A.Adventure: TextJabato
Judge DeathPiranhaArcade: AdventureJudge Dredd
Judge Dredd1987Melbourne HouseArcade: ActionJudge Dredd
Judge Dredd1990Virgin Games LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upJudge Dredd
Lorna1990Topo SoftArcade: ActionLorna
Mortadelo y Filemon II1990Dro SoftArcade: ActionMortadelo y Filemon
Mot1989Opera Soft S.A.Arcade: ActionMot
Mr T Meets His Match1984Ebury SoftwareEducationalMr T
Mr T's Alphabet Games1985Ebury SoftwareEducationalMr T
Mr T's Jungle Stories1984Ebury SoftwareEducationalMr T
Mr T's Measuring Games1984Ebury SoftwareEducationalMr T
Mr T's Money Box1983Ebury SoftwareEducationalMr T
Mr T's Number Games1983Ebury SoftwareEducationalMr T
Mr T's Shape Games1984Ebury SoftwareEducationalMr T
Mr T's Simple Sums1984Ebury SoftwareEducationalMr T
Mr T Tells The Time1983Ebury SoftwareEducationalMr T
Nemesis the Warlock1987Martech Games LtdArcade: PlatformNemesis the Warlock
North & South1991InfogramesStrategy: WarTuniques Bleues, Les
Punisher, TheThe EdgeArcade: Shoot-em-upPunisher, The
Rogue Trooper1986PiranhaArcade: AdventureRogue Trooper
Roy of the Rovers1988Gremlin Graphics Software LtdArcade: AdventureRoy of the Rovers
Samurai Warrior1988Firebird Software LtdArcade: Solo beat-em-upSamurai Warrior
Slaine1987Martech Games LtdAdventure: GraphicSlaine
Snoopy1990The EdgeAdventure: GraphicSnoopy
Spider-Man1984Adventure InternationalAdventure: TextSpider-Man
Stir Crazy Featuring Bobo1990InfogramesArcade: ActionStir Crazy
Strontium Dog: The Killing1984Quicksilva LtdArcade: MazeStrontium Dog
SupermanUS Gold LtdArcade: AdventureSuperman
Superman - The Man of Steel1989TynesoftArcade: ActionSuperman
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles1990Image WorksArcade: ActionTeenage Mutant Hero Turtles
Tintin on the Moon1989InfogramesArcade: ActionTintin
Viz - The Computer Game1991Virgin Games LtdArcade: AdventureViz
X-MenThe EdgeArcade: ActionX-Men
Zipi y Zape1989Dro SoftAdventure: TextZipi y Zape
(57 titles listed)
Addams Family, The1992Ocean Software LtdArcade: AdventureAddams Family, The
Alien1984Mind GamesTactical CombatAlien
Aliens1986Electric Dreams SoftwareArcade: AdventureAliens
Aliens US Version1987Electric Dreams SoftwareArcade: AdventureAliens
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes1986Global SoftwareArcade: AdventureAttack of the Killer Tomatoes
Back to the Future1985Electric Dreams SoftwareArcade: AdventureBack to the Future
Back to the Future Part II1990Image WorksArcade: ActionBack to the Future Part II
Back to the Future Part III1991Image WorksArcade: ActionBack to the Future Part III
Batman: The AdventureOcean Software LtdAdventure: TextBatman
Batman: The Movie1989Ocean Software LtdArcade: ActionBatman
Beverly Hills Cop1990TynesoftArcade: ActionBeverly Hills Cop
Biggles1986Mirrorsoft LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upBiggles: Adventures in Time
Big Trouble in Little China1987Electric Dreams SoftwareArcade: AdventureBig Trouble in Little China
Blues Brothers, TheCRL Group PLCArcade: ActionBlues Brothers, The
Cobra1986Ocean Software LtdArcade: PlatformCobra
Darkman1991Ocean Software LtdArcade: ActionDarkman
Days of Thunder1990Mindscape International IncArcade: Race 'n' ChaseDays of Thunder
Death Wish 31987Gremlin Graphics Software LtdArcade: ActionDeath Wish 3
Dick Tracy1990TitusArcade: Shoot-em-upDick Tracy
Die HardActivision IncArcade: AdventureDie Hard
Die Hard 2US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upDie Hard 2
Evil Dead, The1984Palace SoftwareArcade: ActionEvil Dead, The
Fantastic Voyage1984Quicksilva LtdArcade: MazeFantastic Voyage
Friday the 13th1986Domark LtdArcade: ActionFriday the 13th
Ghostbusters1984Activision IncArcade: AdventureGhost Busters
Ghostbusters II1989Activision IncArcade: ActionGhostbusters II
Give My Regards to Broad Street1985Mind GamesAdventure: GraphicGive My Regards to Broad Street
Gremlins1985Adventure InternationalAdventure: TextGremlins
Gremlins 2: La Nueva Generacion1990Topo SoftArcade: ActionGremlins 2: The New Batch
Highlander1986Ocean Software LtdArcade: Solo beat-em-upHighlander
Hill Street Blues1990Krisalis Software LtdArcade: ActionHill Street Blues
HookOcean Software LtdArcade: PlatformHook
Howard the Duck1987Activision IncArcade: ActionHoward the Duck
Hudson Hawk1991Ocean Software LtdArcade: PlatformHudson Hawk
Hunt for Red October, The - Based on the Movie1991Grandslam Entertainments LtdArcade: ActionHunt for Red October, The
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade1989US Gold LtdArcade: ActionIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Jaws1989Screen 7 LtdArcade: ActionJaws
LabyrinthActivision IncArcade: AdventureLabyrinth
Licence to Kill1989Domark LtdArcade: ActionLicence to Kill
Live and Let Die1988Domark LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upLive and Let Die
Living Daylights - The Computer Game, The1987Domark LtdArcade: ActionLiving Daylights, The
Lord Bromley's Estate1990AmstradArcade: Shoot-em-upJames Bond
Masters of the Universe - The Movie1987Gremlin Graphics Software LtdArcade: AdventureMasters of the Universe
Moonwalker1989US Gold LtdArcade: ActionMoonwalker
Navy SEALs1991Ocean Software LtdArcade: ActionNavy SEALs
Neverending Story II, The1990LinelArcade: AdventureNeverending Story II, The
NeverEnding Story, The1985Ocean Software LtdAdventure: TextNeverending Story, The
Night Breed1990Ocean Software LtdArcade: ActionNightbreed
Nosferatu the Vampyre1986PiranhaArcade: AdventureNosferatu: Phantom der Nacht
Platoon1988Ocean Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upPlatoon
Predator1987Activision IncArcade: Shoot-em-upPredator
Predator 21991Image WorksArcade: Shoot-em-upPredator 2
Q's Armoury1990AmstradArcade: ActionJames Bond
Rambo1985Ocean Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upRambo: First Blood Part II
Rambo III1988Ocean Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upRambo III
Red Heat1989Ocean Software LtdArcade: Gang beat-em-upRed Heat
Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle1984Parker Software/Sinclair Research LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upStar Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
Return to Oz1986US Gold LtdAdventure: GraphicReturn to Oz
RoboCop1988Ocean Software LtdArcade: ActionRoboCop
RoboCop 21990Ocean Software LtdArcade: ActionRoboCop 2
RoboCop 31992Ocean Software LtdArcade: ActionRoboCop 3
Running Man, The1989Grandslam Entertainments LtdArcade: ActionRunning Man, The
Short Circuit1987Ocean Software LtdArcade: AdventureShort Circuit
Spy Who Loved Me, The1990Domark LtdArcade: ActionSpy Who Loved Me, The
Star TrekBeyond SoftwareAdventure: GraphicStar Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Terminator 2: Judgment Day1991Ocean Software LtdArcade: ActionTerminator 2: Judgment Day
Top Gun1987Ocean Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upTop Gun
Total Recall1991Ocean Software LtdArcade: ActionTotal Recall
Untouchables, The1989Ocean Software LtdArcade: ActionUntouchables, The
View to a Kill - The Computer Game, A1985Domark LtdArcade: ActionView to a Kill, A
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?Activision IncArcade: ActionWho Framed Roger Rabbit?
(71 titles listed)
Airwolf1984Elite Systems LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upAirwolf
AirwolfOcean Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upAirwolf
Airwolf II1987Hit-PakArcade: Shoot-em-upAirwolf
Archers, The1987Mosaic Publishing LtdAdventure: TextArchers, The
Auf Wiedersehen Pet1984TynesoftArcade: ActionAuf Wiedersehen Pet
Bangers & Mash1992Alternative Software LtdArcade: AdventureBangers and Mash
BBC Mastermind1984Mirrorsoft LtdQuizMastermind
BBC Mastermind Quizmaster1984Mirrorsoft LtdQuizMastermind
Benny Hill's Madcap Chase!1985DK'Tronics LtdArcade: ActionBenny Hill Show, The
Blockbusters1984Macsen SoftwareQuizBlockbusters
Blockbusters1987TV GamesQuizBlockbusters
Blockbusters: Gold Run1984Macsen SoftwareQuizBlockbusters
Blockbusters Question Master1985Macsen SoftwareQuizBlockbusters
Blue Thunder1984Richard Wilcox SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upBlue Thunder
Bob's Full House1988TV GamesQuizBob's Full House
Bullseye1986Macsen SoftwareQuizBullseye
Bully's Sporting Darts1993Alternative Software LtdSport: ActionBully's Sporting Darts
Centurions, The1987ReaktorArcade: MazeCenturions, The
Corona Magica, La1990OMK Software S.L.Arcade: AdventureCorona Magica, La
Countdown1986Macsen SoftwareQuizCountdown
Curro Jimenez1989Zigurat SoftwareArcade: ActionCurro Jimenez
Dalek Attack1992Admiral SoftwareArcade: AdventureDoctor Who
Defenders of the Earth1990Enigma Variations LtdArcade: ActionDefenders of the Earth
Dempsey and Makepeace1986Britannia Software LtdArcade: ActionDempsey & Makepeace
Doctor Who and the Mines of TerrorMicro Power LtdArcade: PlatformDoctor Who
Doctor Who and the Warlords1984BBC SoftwareAdventure: TextDoctor Who
Double Dare1991Alternative Software LtdQuizDouble Dare
Dukes of Hazzard, The1985Elite Systems LtdArcade: Race 'n' ChaseDukes of Hazzard, The
EastEnders1987Macsen SoftwareArcade: ActionEastEnders
Equipo A, El1988Zafiro Software DivisionArcade: Shoot-em-upA-Team, The
Every Second Counts1988TV GamesQuizEvery Second Counts
Fall Guy1985Elite Systems LtdArcade: ActionFall Guy, The
Fireman Sam1992Alternative Software LtdArcade: AdventureFireman Sam
Giddy Game Show, The1986Mirrorsoft LtdEducationalThe Giddy Game Show
Gilbert: Escape from Drill1989Again AgainArcade: AdventureGilbert: Escape from Drill
Gnomos, Los1985Ariola Eurodisc S.A.PuzzleDavid, El Gnomo
Grange Hill1987Argus Press Software LtdAdventure: GraphicGrange Hill
Huxley Pig1991Alternative Software LtdArcade: AdventureHuxley Pig
Knightmare1987Activision IncArcade: AdventureKnightmare
Knight Rider1986Ocean Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upKnight Rider
Krypton Factor, The1987TV GamesArcade: ActionKrypton Factor, The
Magic Roundabout, The1984CRL Group PLCArcade: MazeManege Enchante, Le
Match of the Day1992Zeppelin PremierSport: ManagementMatch of the Day
Max Headroom1986Quicksilva LtdArcade: AdventureThe Max Headroom Show
Me & My Micro1984National Extension College Trust LtdCompilationMe & My Micro
Miami Vice1986Ocean Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upMiami Vice
Mike Read's Pop Quiz1989Elite Systems LtdQuizPop Quiz
Minder1985DK'Tronics LtdStrategy: ManagementMinder
Monty Python's Flying Circus1990Virgin Games LtdArcade: AdventureMonty Python's Flying Circus
Munsters, The1989Again AgainArcade: AdventureMunsters, The
Neighbours1992ImpulzeArcade: ActionNeighbours
Orm and Cheep: Narrow Squeaks1985Macmillan Software LtdEducationalOrm and Cheep
Orm and Cheep: The Birthday Party1985Macmillan Software LtdEducationalOrm and Cheep
Planets, The1986Martech Games LtdAdventure: GraphicPlanets, The
Playdays1993Friendly LearningEducationalPlaydays
Play Your Cards Right1986Britannia Software LtdGambling: GamesPlay Your Cards Right
Postman Pat1989Alternative Software LtdArcade: AdventurePostman Pat
Postman Pat 21989Alternative Software LtdArcade: AdventurePostman Pat
Postman Pat 3: To the Rescue1992Alternative Software LtdArcade: AdventurePostman Pat
Postman Pat's Trail Game1984Longman SoftwareArcade: ActionPostman Pat
Question of Sport, A1989Elite Systems LtdQuizQuestion of Sport, A
RazzmatazzUbik SoftwareArcade: ActionRazzmatazz
Robin of Sherwood: The Touchstones of Rhiannon1985Adventure InternationalAdventure: TextRobin of Sherwood
Roland's Rat Race1985Ocean Software LtdArcade: PlatformRoland Rat
Round the Bend!1991ImpulzeArcade: AdventureRound the Bend
Run the Gauntlet1989Ocean Software LtdArcade: Race 'n' ChaseRun the Gauntlet
Saint and Greavsie1989Grandslam Entertainments LtdQuizSaint and Greavsie
Sooty's Fun with Numbers1990Friendly LearningEducationalSooty Show, The
Sooty & Sweep1990Alternative Software LtdArcade: AdventureSooty Show, The
Sooty & Sweep IIAlternative Software LtdArcade: ActionSooty Show, The
Spitting Image1988Domark LtdArcade: Solo beat-em-upSpitting Image
Sporting Triangles1989CDS MicrosystemsQuizSporting Triangles
Star Wars Droids1988Mastertronic Added DimensionArcade: AdventureStar Wars Droids
Street Hawk1986Ocean Software LtdArcade: Vehicle CombatStreet Hawk
Street Hawk - Subscribers Edition1985Ocean Software LtdArcade: Vehicle CombatStreet Hawk
Super Gran1985TynesoftArcade: ActionSuper Gran
Super Gran - The Adventure1985TynesoftAdventure: TextSuper Gran
Terrahawks1984CRL Group PLCArcade: Shoot-em-upTerrahawks
Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends1991Alternative Software LtdPuzzleThomas the Tank Engine & Friends
Thomas the Tank Engine IIAlternative Software LtdArcade: ActionThomas the Tank Engine & Friends
Thomas the Tank Engine's Fun With Words1990Friendly LearningEducationalThomas the Tank Engine & Friends
Through the Trap Door1987PiranhaArcade: AdventureTrap Door, The
Thunderbirds1985Firebird Software LtdArcade: MazeThunderbirds
Thunderbirds1989Grandslam Entertainments LtdArcade: AdventureThunderbirds
Transformers, The1986Ocean Software LtdArcade: PlatformTransformers
Trap Door, The1986PiranhaArcade: AdventureTrap Door, The
Treasure Hunt1986Macsen SoftwareAdventure: TextTreasure Hunt
Tripods, The1985Red Shift LtdAdventure: GraphicTripods, The
Un, Dos, Tres Responda Otra Vez1984Belltons Informatica/Paraninfo Soft S.A.QuizUn, Dos, Tres... Responda Otra Vez
V1986Ocean Software LtdArcade: ActionV
Wombles, The1990Alternative Software LtdArcade: AdventureWombles, The
Yes, Prime Minister1987Mosaic Publishing LtdAdventure: GraphicYes, Prime Minister
Young Ones, The1986Orpheus LtdAdventure: GraphicYoung Ones, The
(93 titles listed)
Aural Quest1984Epic RecordsAdventure: TextAural Sculpture
Blade Runner1985CRL Group PLCArcade: Shoot-em-upBlade Runner
Death Star Interceptor1985System 3 Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upStar Wars
Papa Dance1986ArstonQuizPonizej Krytyki
Programa Computado1984Nuevos Medios S.A.Demo1984
Rocky Horror Show, The1985CRL Group PLCArcade: AdventureRocky Horror Show, The
War of the Worlds, The1984CRL Group PLCArcade: AdventureWar of the Worlds, The
XL11983Genetic RecordsCompilationXL1
(8 titles listed)
911 TS1985Elite Systems LtdArcade: Race 'n' ChaseDunlop Tyres/SP Tyres UK Ltd
Action Biker1985Mastertronic LtdArcade: ActionKP Skips
Adidas Championship Football1990Ocean Software LtdSport: ActionAdidas
Adidas Championship Tie-Break1990Ocean Software LtdSport: ActionAdidas
And All BecauseSuperior Software Ltd [2]Arcade: AdventureCadbury's Milk Tray
Azzurro 8Bit Jam2011RELEVO VideogamesPuzzleAzzurro Rock Pub
Dam Busters, The1985US Gold LtdSimulation617 Squadron of the R.A.F.
F.A. Cup Football1986Virgin Games LtdSport: ManagementThe Football Association
Grand National1985Elite Systems LtdSport: ActionAintree Racecourse
LiverpoolGrandslam Entertainments LtdSport: ActionLiverpool F.C.
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge1990Gremlin Graphics Software LtdArcade: Race 'n' ChaseGroup Lotus PLC
Madballs1988Ocean Software LtdArcade: ActionAmToy Inc
Manchester United1990Krisalis Software LtdSport: ActionManchester United F.C.
Manchester United Europe1991Krisalis Software LtdSport: ActionManchester United F.C.
MASK1987Gremlin Graphics Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upKenner Parker Toys Inc
MASK II1987Gremlin Graphics Software LtdArcade: ActionKenner Parker Toys Inc
MASK III: VENOM Strikes Back1988Gremlin Graphics Software LtdArcade: ActionKenner Parker Toys Inc
Mr. Wimpy1984Ocean Software LtdArcade: PlatformWimpy
Race Against Time, The1988Code Masters PlusArcade: AdventureSport Aid
Super Bowl1986Ocean Software LtdSport: ActionNFL Inc
Super Champs1985Torchraven LtdArcade: Race 'n' ChaseSmiths Crisps
Toyota Celica GT Rally1991Gremlin Graphics Software LtdArcade: Race 'n' ChaseToyota
TT Racer1986Digital IntegrationSport: ActionSuzuki
Whopper Chase1987Erbe Software S.A.Arcade: ActionBurger King
WWF WrestleMania1991Ocean Software LtdArcade: Solo beat-em-upWorld Wrestling Federation
(25 titles listed)
Angel Nieto Pole 5001990Opera Soft S.A.Arcade: Race 'n' ChaseAngel Nieto
Aspar GP Master1988Dinamic SoftwareArcade: Race 'n' ChaseJorge Martinez "Aspar"
Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing1985GamestarSport: ActionBarry McGuigan
Beatle Quest1985Number 9 SoftwareAdventure: TextThe Beatles
Bobby Charlton's Soccer1985D.A.C.C. LtdSport: ActionBobby Charlton
Brian Clough's Football Fortunes1987CDS MicrosystemsBoard GameBrian Clough
Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge1985Martech Games LtdSport: ActionBrian Jacks
Bridge Master: A Complete Learning Package for the Beginner at Bridge1983Serin SoftwareCard GameTerence Reese
Bridge Master: Introduction to Expert Bridge1984Serin SoftwareCard GameTerence Reese
Bruce Tulloh's Marathon Training Program1983Earlgate ComputersDomesticBruce Tulloh
Bryan Robson's Super League1985Paul LamondBoard GameBryan Robson
Camel Trophy '861986Aquarius EdizioniArcade: ActionCamel Productions
Carlos Sainz1990Zigurat SoftwareArcade: Race 'n' ChaseCarlos Sainz
Cattell IQ Test1983Sinclair Research LtdDomesticRaymond Bernard Cattell
Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer1989Electronic ArtsSimulationChuck Yeager
Daley Thompson's Decathlon1984Ocean Software LtdSport: ActionDaley Thompson
Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge1988Ocean Software LtdSport: ActionDaley Thompson/Adidas/Lucozade
Daley Thompson's Supertest1985Ocean Software LtdSport: ActionDaley Thompson
Double, The1987ScanatronSport: ManagementHoward Kendall
Drazen Petrovic Basket1989Topo SoftSport: ActionDrazen Petrovic
Eddie Edwards' Super Ski1989LoricielsSport: ActionEddie Edwards
Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge1984Martech Games LtdSport: ActionEddie Kidd
Emilio Butragueno 21989Erbe Software S.A./Ocean Software LtdCompilationEmilio Butragueno Santos
Emilio Sanchez Vicario Grand Slam1990Zigurat SoftwareSport: ActionEmilio Sanchez Vicario
Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz1990Audiogenic Software LtdQuizEmlyn Hughes
Emlyn Hughes International Soccer1989Audiogenic Software LtdSport: ActionEmlyn Hughes
Eric Bristow's Pro-Darts1984Quicksilva LtdSport: ActionEric Bristow
Everton F.C. IntelligensiaAmfas Computer Software LtdSport: ActionEverton F.C.
Fernando Martin Basket Master1987Dinamic SoftwareSport: ActionFernando Martin Espina
Frankie Goes to Hollywood1985Ocean Software LtdArcade: AdventureFrankie Goes to Hollywood
Gary Lineker's Hot-Shot!1988Gremlin Graphics Software LtdSport: ActionGary Lineker
Gary Lineker's Superskills1988Gremlin Graphics Software LtdSport: ActionGary Lineker
Gary Lineker's Superstar Soccer1987Gremlin Graphics Software LtdSport: ActionGary Lineker
Gazza II1990Empire SoftwareSport: ActionPaul John Gascoigne
Gazza's Super Soccer1990Empire SoftwareSport: ActionPaul John Gascoigne
Geoff Capes Strong Man1985Martech Games LtdSport: ActionGeoff Capes
Graeme Souness Soccer Manager1992Zeppelin Games LtdSport: ManagementGraeme Souness
Graham Gooch's Test Cricket1986Audiogenic Software LtdSport: ActionGraham Gooch
Howzat1984Wyvern SoftwareSport: ManagementBrian Rose
Ian Botham's Test Match1985TynesoftSport: ActionIan Botham
Inhumanos, Los1990Delta Software S.L.Arcade: AdventureLos Inhumanos
Jack Charlton's Match Fishing1985Alligata Software LtdSport: ActionJack Charlton
Jahangir Khan's World Championship Squash1991Krisalis Software LtdSport: ActionJahangir Khan
Jocky Wilson's Compendium of Darts1991Zeppelin Games LtdSport: ActionJocky Wilson
Jocky Wilson's Darts Challenge1989Zeppelin Games LtdSport: ActionJocky Wilson
Jonah Barrington's Squash1985New Generation SoftwareSport: ActionJonah Barrington
Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager1989Cognito SoftwareSport: ManagementKenny Dalglish
Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match1990Impressions LtdSport: ActionKenny Dalglish
Michel Futbol Master1989Dinamic SoftwareSport: ActionJose Miguel Gonzalez Martin del Campo
Michel Super Skills1989Dinamic SoftwareSport: ActionJose Miguel Gonzalez Martin del Campo
Nick Faldo Plays the Open1985Mind GamesSport: ActionNick Faldo
Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix1988Martech Games LtdSport: ActionNigel Mansell
Nigel Mansell's World Championship1993Gremlin Graphics Software LtdSport: ActionNigel Mansell
One on One1985Ariolasoft UK LtdSport: ActionJulius Erving/Larry Bird
Perico Delgado Maillot Amarillo1989Topo SoftSport: ActionPerico Delgado
Peter Beardsley's International Football1988Grandslam Entertainments LtdSport: ActionPeter Beardsley
Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona1986Grandslam Entertainments LtdSport: ActionPeter Shilton
Poli Diaz1990Opera Soft S.A.Sport: ActionPoli Diaz
Pool, 3D1989Firebird Software LtdSport: Action"Maltese Joe" Barbara
Robin Smith's International Cricket1990Challenge SoftwareSport: ActionRobin Smith
Shaky Game, The1983Olympic SoftwareArcade: MazeShakin' Stevens
Sito Pons 500cc Grand Prix1990Zigurat SoftwareArcade: Race 'n' ChaseSito Pons
Steve Davis Snooker1984CDS MicrosystemsSport: ActionSteve Davis
Stuart Henry's Pop Quiz1984Bellflower SoftwareQuizStuart Henry
Thompson Twins Adventure, The1984C&VGAdventure: TextThe Thompson Twins
Trevor Brooking's World Cup Glory1990Challenge SoftwareSport: ManagementTrevor Brooking
Turbo Cup1989LoricielsArcade: Race 'n' ChaseRene Metge
Uchi Mata1987Martech Games LtdArcade: Solo beat-em-upBrian Jacks
Wham! The Music Box1985Melbourne HouseUtility: MusicWham!
(69 titles listed)
Italia '90 - World Cup Soccer1989Virgin Games LtdSport: ActionWorld Cup '90, Rome
Tour 911991Topo SoftSport: ActionTour de France, Le
World Cup Carnival1986US Gold LtdSport: ActionWorld Cup '86, Mexico
(3 titles listed)
10th Frame1987US Gold LtdSport: Action10th Frame
4x4 Off-Road Racing1988US Gold LtdArcade: Race 'n' Chase4x4 Off-Road Racing
Ace of Aces1986US Gold LtdSimulationAce of Aces
Action Force1987Virgin Games LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upAction Force
Action Force II1988Virgin Games LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upAction Force
Archon1985Ariolasoft UK LtdBoard GameArchon
Archon1989Electronic ArtsBoard GameArchon
Archon II: Adept1989Electronic ArtsBoard GameArchon II: Adept
Arcticfox1988Electronic ArtsTactical CombatArcticfox
ArmalyteThalamus LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upArmalyte
A.T.R.A.M1984Websters SoftwareBoard GameA.T.R.A.M
Ballblazer1986Activision IncArcade: Shoot-em-upBallblazer
Barbarian1988Melbourne HouseArcade: ActionBarbarian
Battlecars1984Games WorkshopTactical CombatBattlecars
B.C. II: Grog's RevengeUS Gold LtdAdventure: GraphicB.C. II: Grog's Revenge
BC's Quest for Tires1985Software Projects LtdArcade: ActionBC's Quest for Tires
Beach-Head1984US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upBeach-Head
Beach-Head II1985US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upBeach-Head II
Black Magic1987US Gold LtdArcade: AdventureBlack Magic
Blue Max1984US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upBlue Max
Boulder Dash1984Front RunnerArcade: MazeBoulder Dash
Boulder Dash Construction Kit1988DatabyteArcade: MazeBoulder Dash Construction Kit
Boulder Dash II: Rockford's Riot1985Prism Leisure Corporation PLCArcade: MazeBoulder Dash II: Rockford's Riot
Boulder Dash III1986Prism Leisure Corporation PLCArcade: MazeBoulder Dash III
Bounces1986Beyond SoftwareArcade: Solo beat-em-upBounces
Bounty Bob Strikes Back1985US Gold LtdArcade: PlatformBounty Bob Strikes Back
Bruce Lee1984US Gold LtdArcade: PlatformBruce Lee
Budokan: The Martial Spirit1991Dro SoftArcade: Solo beat-em-upBudokan
California Games1987US Gold LtdSport: ActionCalifornia Games
Chessmaster 2000, The1990Dro SoftBoard GameChessmaster 2000, The
Chip's Challenge1990US Gold LtdPuzzleChip's Challenge
Cluedo1985Leisure GeniusBoard GameCluedo
Cluedo: Master DetectiveVirgin Games LtdBoard GameCluedo
Computer Scrabble1983Sinclair Research LtdBoard GameScrabble
ConanUS Gold LtdArcade: PlatformConan
Cosmic Pirate1989Byte BackArcade: Shoot-em-upCosmic Pirate
Dragonfire1984Cheetahsoft LtdArcade: PlatformDragonfire
Dragons of Flame1990US Gold LtdAdventure: RPGAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons
Dream Warrior1988US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upDream Warrior
Echelon1988US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upEchelon
Eidolon, The1986Activision IncArcade: AdventureEidolon, The
Elite1985Firebird Software LtdStrategy: ManagementElite
Escape from Khoshima1988Atlantis Software LtdAdventure: TextEscape from Khoshima
Espionage1988Grandslam Entertainments LtdBoard GameEspionage
Eye1987Endurance GamesBoard GameEye
Fiendish Freddy's Big Top o'Fun1990Mindscape International IncArcade: ActionFiendish Freddy's Big Top o'Fun
Final Assault1988US Gold LtdSimulationFinal Assault
Flak1984US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upFlak
Flyer Fox1986Bug-Byte Software LtdSimulationFlyerfox
Fort ApocalypseUS Gold LtdArcade: ActionFort Apocalypse
Free Format1996ETC GroupUtility: Media AdminFree Format
Galactic Gambler1985Omega Software LtdGambling: GamesGalactic Gambler
Gambler + Editor1987Diamond GamesGambling: GamesGambler
Games - Summer Edition, The1989US Gold LtdSport: ActionGames - Summer Edition, The
Games - Winter Edition, The1988US Gold LtdSport: ActionGames - Winter Edition, The
Go for Gold1992KixxSport: ActionGo for Gold
Gomoku1983Century Software [1]Board GameGomoku
Goonies, The1986US Gold LtdArcade: PlatformGoonies, The
Gunslinger1987US Gold LtdAdventure: TextGunslinger
HardBall!1986Advance Software Promotions LtdSport: ActionHardBall!
Heavy Metal1990US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upHeavy Metal
Helter Skelter1991Audiogenic Software LtdArcade: PlatformHelter Skelter
Heroes of the Lance1988US Gold LtdAdventure: RPGAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons
Hero Quest1991Gremlin Graphics Software LtdAdventure: RPGHero Quest
Impossible Mission1985US Gold LtdArcade: AdventureImpossible Mission
Impossible Mission II1988US Gold LtdArcade: AdventureImpossible Mission II
Indoor Sports1987Advance Software Promotions LtdSport: ActionIndoor Sports
Infection1989unpublishedBoard GameInfection
Karateka1990Dro SoftArcade: Solo beat-em-upKarateka
Killed Until Dead1987US Gold LtdAdventure: GraphicKilled Until Dead
Koronis Rift1987Activision IncArcade: Shoot-em-upKoronis Rift
Lazer Tag1987Go!Arcade: ActionLazer Tag
Leader Board1986US Gold LtdSport: ActionLeader Board
Leader Board - Famous Courses of the World Volume 11987US Gold LtdCompilationLeader Board - Famous Courses of the World Volume 1
Leader Board Tournament1988US Gold LtdSport: ActionLeader Board Tournament
Learning with Leeper1985Software Projects LtdEducationalLearning with Leeper
Legend of the Amazon Women1986US Gold LtdArcade: Solo beat-em-upLegend of the Amazon Women
Lode Runner1984Software Projects LtdArcade: PlatformLode Runner
Lords of ConquestElectronic ArtsBoard GameBorderlands
Magic Johnson's Basketball1990Dro SoftSport: ActionMagic Johnson's Basketball
Master of Magic1986Mastertronic Added DimensionAdventure: RPGMaster of Magic
Match Point1984Sinclair Research LtdSport: ActionTournament Tennis
Mindshadow1985Activision IncAdventure: TextMindshadow
Monopoly1985Leisure GeniusBoard GameMonopoly
Moonsweeper1983Cheetahsoft LtdArcade: ActionMoonsweeper
Motor Massacre1989Gremlin Graphics Software LtdArcade: Vehicle CombatMotor Massacre
Muncher, The1988Gremlin Graphics Software LtdArcade: ActionMuncher, The
Night Shift1991US Gold LtdArcade: PlatformNight Shift
Ninja1987Entertainment USAArcade: Solo beat-em-upNinja
Obliterator1989Melbourne HouseArcade: Shoot-em-upObliterator
Penaltys1986VideoSpectrumSport: ActionPenaltys
P.H.M. Pegasus1988Electronic ArtsSimulationP.H.M. Pegasus
Pictionary1989Domark LtdBoard GamePictionary
Pipeline1985Viper SoftwareArcade: ActionPipeline
Pipe Mania1990Empire SoftwareArcade: ActionPipe Mania
Powerplay1988Players SoftwareBoard GamePowerplay
Quest for Eternity1984Mind GamesAdventure: TextQuest for Eternity
Question of Scruples, A1987Leisure GeniusBoard GameQuestion of Scruples, A
Raid over Moscow1985US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upRaid over Moscow
Realm of Impossibility1985Ariolasoft UK LtdArcade: MazeRealm of Impossibility
Rescue on Fractalus!1986Activision IncArcade: Shoot-em-upRescue on Fractalus!
Rise Out from Dungeons1996Magic Soft [2]Arcade: PlatformRise Out from Dungeons
Risk1989Leisure GeniusBoard GameRisk
Romper Room's I Love My Alphabet1986Beyond SoftwareEducationalRomper Room's I Love My Alphabet
Saracen1987US Gold LtdArcade: MazeSaracen
Scalextric1986Leisure GeniusArcade: Race 'n' ChaseScalextric
Scrabble DeLuxe1987Leisure GeniusBoard GameScrabble
SeptemberActivision IncBoard GameSeptember
Shadow of the Beast1990Gremlin Graphics Software LtdArcade: ActionShadow of the Beast
Shifty1983Work ForceUtility: Word ProcessorShifty
Sim City1990InfogramesSimulationSim City
Skyfox1985Ariolasoft UK LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upSkyfox
Snowstrike1990US Gold LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upSnowstrike
Sodov the Sorcerer1986Bug-Byte Software LtdArcade: ActionGandalf the Sorcerer
Solar JetmanStorm Software [2]Arcade: AdventureJetman
So Little Time1993Dream World AdventuresAdventure: TextSo Little Time
Sonic Slideshow2012James McKay/Andrew Owen [2]DemoSonic the Hedgehog
Space Crusade1992Gremlin Graphics Software LtdTactical CombatSpace Crusade
Spectroscoop IV1984E.O. EshuisUtility: AstronomySpectroskop
Spy vs Spy1985Beyond SoftwareArcade: ActionSpy vs Spy
Spy vs Spy II: The Island Caper1987DatabyteArcade: ActionSpy vs Spy II: The Island Caper
Spy vs Spy III: Arctic Antics1988DatabyteArcade: ActionSpy vs Spy III: Arctic Antics
SquareMania2006Perspective GroupArcade: ActionCreep Squares
Star Raiders II1987Electric Dreams SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upStar Raiders II
Starring Charlie Chaplin1987US Gold LtdStrategy: ManagementStarring Charlie Chaplin
Street Sports Basketball1988US Gold LtdSport: ActionStreet Sports Basketball
Subbuteo1990Electronic ZooBoard GameSubbuteo
Summer Games1988US Gold LtdSport: ActionSummer Games
Summer Games II1988US Gold LtdSport: ActionSummer Games II
Sun Computer Crosswords Volume 1, The1988Akom LtdCompilationNews International PLC
Sun Computer Crosswords Volume 2, The1988Akom LtdCompilationNews International PLC
Sun Computer Crosswords Volume 3, The1988Akom LtdCompilationNews International PLC
Sun Computer Crosswords Volume 4, The1988Akom LtdCompilationNews International PLC
Sun Computer Crosswords Volume 5, The1988Akom LtdCompilationNews International PLC
Sun Computer Crosswords Volume 6, The1988Akom LtdCompilationNews International PLC
Super Cycle1987US Gold LtdArcade: Race 'n' ChaseSuper Cycle
Superman: The Game1985Firebird Software LtdArcade: AdventureSuperman: The Game
Super Scramble Simulator1989Gremlin Graphics Software LtdArcade: Race 'n' ChaseSuper Scramble Simulator
Target Practice1983Century Software [1]Arcade: ActionTarget Practice
Techno Cop1988Gremlin Graphics Software LtdArcade: Vehicle CombatTechno Cop
Terrorpods1989Melbourne HouseArcade: ActionTerrorpods
Tetris1988Mirrorsoft LtdPuzzleTetris
Times Computer Crosswords Jubilee Puzzles 1932-87, The1988Akom LtdCompilationNews International PLC
Times Computer Crosswords Volume 1, The1988Akom LtdCompilationNews International PLC
Times Computer Crosswords Volume 2, The1988Akom LtdCompilationNews International PLC
Times Computer Crosswords Volume 3, The1988Akom LtdCompilationNews International PLC
Train: Escape to Normandy, The1988Electronic ArtsSimulationTrain: Escape to Normandy, The
Trivial Pursuit1986Domark LtdBoard GameTrivial Pursuit
Trivial Pursuit: A New Beginning1988Domark LtdBoard GameTrivial Pursuit
Trivial Pursuit: Baby Boomer Edition1986Domark LtdBoard GameTrivial Pursuit
Trivial Pursuit: Young Players Edition1987Domark LtdBoard GameTrivial Pursuit
Trondheim Bors1987Ness DataStrategy: ManagementOslo Bors
Use Your Loaf1992The GuildAdventure: TextUse Your Loaf
Video Classics1989Silverbird Software LtdCompilationVideo Classics
War in Middle Earth1989Melbourne HouseStrategy: WarWar in Middle Earth
Wings of FuryunknownArcade: Shoot-em-upWings of Fury
Winter Games1986US Gold LtdSport: ActionWinter Games
World Class Leader Board1987US Gold LtdSport: ActionWorld Class Leader Board
World Games1987US Gold LtdSport: ActionWorld Games
Yahtzee1983Pegasus SoftwareGambling: GamesYahtzee
Zenji1984Activision IncPuzzleZenji
Zoids: The Battle Begins1985Martech Games LtdTactical CombatZoids
Zorro1986US Gold LtdArcade: PlatformZorro
Z-Shell2002Beyond DreamsProgramming: BASICZ-Shell
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(Grand total: 847 titles in 11 genres)

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