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comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition 2004

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Zip file
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Pacmania Grand Slam Entertainments pacmania.zip
Pang Ocean pang.zip [PEC]
Paperboy Elite paperboy.zip
Parabola Firebird Silver parabola.zip
Pathetic Pablo Brothers Your Sinclair patheticpablobros.zip
Paws Artic paws.zip
Peking Your Sinclair peking.zip * [BEE]
Penetrator Melbourne House penetrator.zip [SCR]
Pentagram Ultimate Play The Game [distribution denied] [BAT]
Perils Of Bear George CheetahSoft perilsofbeargeorge.zip
Phantomas Code Masters [distribution denied] [MAD]
Phantomas Saga: Infinity Computer Emuzone phantomassagainfinity_end.zip
Pheenix Megadodo pheenix.zip [MAD]
Piggy [two different games] Argus Press + Bug-Byte piggy.zip [MAD]
Pi In 'Ere Automata UK piinere.zip [MOR]
Pi In The Sky Automata UK piinthesky.zip
Pimeval Man Automata UK pimevalman.zip
Pipe Mania Empire pipemania_end.zip
Pippo Mastertronic pippo.zip
Pi There! Automata UK pithere.zip
Pixy The Microdot Your Sinclair pixythemicrodot.zip
Pixy The Microdot 2 Your Sinclair pixythemicrodot2.zip [MAD]
Planet 10 Mastertronic Plus planet10.zip
Planet Of Death (Adventure A) Artic / Sinclair Research planetofdeath.zip
Playdays [demo] Your Sinclair / Alternative playdaysdemo.zip
Play For Your Life Your Sinclair / Imagine playforyourlife.zip
Pogo Ocean pogo.zip
Pole Position [two different games] Atarisoft / US Gold + G.W. poleposition.zip
Popeye DK'Tronics popeye.zip
Popeye 2 Alternative popeye2.zip
Potsworth And Co. Hi-Tec potsworthandco.zip [MAD]
Potty Pigeon Gremlin Graphics pottypigeon.zip
Powerama Power House powerama.zip
Power Drift Activision / Sega [distribution denied] [XMX]
Prayer of the Warrior, The Zigurat prayerofthewarrior.zip
Predator Activision [distribution denied] [MAD]
Prince Of Persia [Russian] Nicodim princeofpersia.zip [BEE]
Prize, The Arcade Software prize-ending.zip [BAK]
Pro Go-Kart Simulator Zeppelin progokartsimulator.zip
Prohibition Infogrames prohibition.zip
Pssst Ultimate Play The Game [distribution denied]
Pud Pud Ocean pudpud.zip
Punchy Mr Micro / Sinclair (Amstrad) punchy.zip [MAD]
Pussy (Love Story From Titanic) Fatalist [distribution denied] [BEE]
Pyjamarama Mikro-Gen pyjamarama.zip [MAD]
Pyramid Fantasy pyramid.zip