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comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition 2004

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Zip file
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Mad Hatter Automata UK madhatter.zip
Mad Martha 2 Mikro-Gen madmartha2.zip *
Magic Carpet Mastertronic magiccarpet.zip
Maglaxians Cybexlab maglaxians.zip [VIK]
Magnetic Moon [48K / S.U. version] FSF Adventures / Sinclair User magneticmoon.zip [MAD]
Manic Miner [+ unofficial sequels] Bug-Byte / M. Smith [+ various] manicminer.zip [MTY]
Marauder Hewson marauder.zip [DMG]
Marsport Gargoyle marsport.zip [SED]
Mask 3 - Venom Strikes Back Gremlin Graphics mask3venomstrikesback.zip [PAV]
Master Artic master.zip
Master Of Magic Mastertronic Added Dimension masterofmagic.zip [MTY]
Masters of the Universe - The Super Adventure US Gold mastersoftheuniverseadv_end.zip
Matchday Ocean matchday.zip [VAL]
Matchday 2 Ocean matchday2.zip
Match Point Sinclair / Psion matchpoint.zip [VAL]
Max Headroom Quicksilva maxheadroom.zip [MOR]
Mayhem Power House mayhem.zip [MAD]
Maziacs DK'Tronics maziacs.zip
Megablast Your Sinclair / J. Cauldwell [distribution denied]
Mega Bucks Firebird Silver megabucks.zip
Mega Fruit Thor [distribution denied]
Mercenary - Escape From Targ Novagen mercenaryescapefromtarg.zip * [DAP]
Merlin Firebird Silver merlin.zip
Metabolis Gremlin Graphics metabolis.zip [MAD]
Metrocross US Gold metrocross.zip
Midnight Resistance Ocean midnightresistance.zip * [XMX]
Mikie Imagine (Ocean) mikie.zip
Milk Race Mastertronic milkrace.zip
Mire Mare Ultimate Play The Game miremare.zip [STP]
Mission Omega Mind Games (Argus Press) missionomega.zip [MAD]
Mithos [AKA 'Mythos' / Spanish (but English!)] Opera Soft mithos.zip * [RAF]
Molecule Man Mastertronic moleculeman.zip [BAK]
Moley Christmas Your Sinclair / Gremlin Graphics moleyxmas.zip
Monkey Bizness Artic monkeybizness.zip
Monty Is Innocent Gremlin Graphics montyisinnocent.zip [OZZ]
Monty On The Run Gremlin Graphics montyontherun.zip [FIS]
Moon Alert Ocean moonalert.zip
Moon Patrol Atarisoft moonpatrol.zip
Moonlighter Software Super Savers moonlighter.zip
Mortadelo Y Filemon 2 [Spanish] Dro Soft mortadeloyfilemon2.zip [PAV]
Motos Mastertronic Added Dimension motos.zip [WOO]
Movie Imagine movie_end.zip [BEE]
Mr Freeze Firebird Silver mrfreeze.zip
Mr Wimpy Ocean mrwimpy.zip
Mr Wino Firebird / Silverbird mrwino.zip
Ms Pacman Atarisoft mspacman.zip
Mutant Monty Artic mutantmonty.zip
Mutan Zone [Spanish] Opera Soft mutanzone.zip [PAV]
Myth - History In The Making System 3 mythhistoryinthemaking.zip [RIC]