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comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition 2004


Total number of zip files currently archived : 709
(638 are available to download / 71 are distribution denied)

Some brief notes about the zip files...

Each zip (usually) contains a '.z80' snapshot of a Sinclair ZX Spectrum game saved at, or moments before, the ending/finale (or the nearest thing to an ending that exists, depending on the nature of the game).

Upon opening the snapshot (in any Spectrum emulator), you may have to press a certain key (e.g. a directional or fire/jump button) to trigger an end sequence, so use your initiative!

Note that many games have no real end sequence at all (e.g. it just loops back to level 1, continues indefinitely or even crashes/resets), so try not to be too disappointed!

Many zips also contain extra snapshots of a game (e.g. the start of each level, easter eggs, hidden games/bonus rounds, alternative endings, classic moments, strange bugs, etc).

A few zips contain snapshots of more than one game (e.g. compilations), or more than one version of the same game (e.g. a demo or 128K version).

Some of the snapshots have been hacked or poked (e.g. infinite lives cheat), although this rarely effects the end sequence.

Key to symbols and icons...

NEW!! [or UPDATED!!] ........ file added [or updated] at the time of the last website update (ie. 19 August 2005). Speccy Spoilers is usually updated approximately once or twice a month.

* ........ These game endings were extracted from RZX recordings at the RZX Archive! Many thanks to Daren (webmaster of the RZX Archive) for his help. I will be adding many more endings extracted from the files at the RZX Archive soon(ish), just as soon as I've sorted through them all!

[distribution denied]
........ Sorry, but the publishers of these games are known to have forbidden free distribution of their games so I cannot host them on this website. However, I will create some screenshots of these endings soon, or video clips or something (yeah I know I've been saying that for yonks...). Please do NOT email me with requests for these games. If you own the copyright to any of the games included on this website and want them removed for whatever reason, please let me know and it shall be done ASAP!

[---] ........ contributor reference - see the credits page

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