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comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition 2004


Special thanks to all these truly wonderful people who have donated files to the archive...

[AJM] A. J. Moss
[ALY] Anthony Lycett
[ART] Arttu Ilmari Ylarakkola
[ASH] Giles Ashman
[BAK] Robert Baker
[BAT] David Batty
[BBR] 'Bad Beard' (AKA 'Mr Anonymous')
[BEE] Philip Bee
[BLQ] Bobby Lequay
[CAD] R. Cadenas
[CAR] Carlos Joao
[CAT] Colin Attle
[CCC] Mike_Myers
[CHP] Steven 'Chop' Holland
[CKF] 'Crackfiend'
[COY] 'Sic Coyote'
[DAP] Daren
[DAR] Darone
[DIN] Dinu Cristian Mircea
[DMG] Dmytro Gryshchenko
[FFS] Fred Fischer
[FIS] Nigel 'Fishyfish' Fishwick
[FOR] Marc Forrester
[FRM] Fraser Muir
[GBY] 'Gilby'
[GDV] Garry Davenport
[GOR] Graham Goring
[GST] Graham Sturmy
[GTB] 'Gonad The Barbarian'
[JAV] Javier Alcañiz
[JBX] James Baxter (via James McLaughlin)
[JEL] John Elliott
[JHL] James Hollidge
[JMK] James McKay
[JUI] 'Juice'
[JWM] Jim Waterman
[KOS] Kostya
[LUK] Aleksandar Lukic
[LUZ] Alexandre Luiz B. Moro
[MAC] Joe Mackay
[MAD] Steven 'Madmekon' Bannister
[MAX] Malcolm 'X'
[MBR] Michael Bruhn
[MDJ] Miodrag Djuric
[MEL] Sean 'Mel The Bell' Mellor
[MIG] Miguel Angel
[MIN] Ministerio Fomento
[MOR] Stephen 'Mort' Stuttard
[MRT] 'Mr Trousers' (AKA 'Mr I. R. Baboon')
[MTY] Malcolm Tyrell
[MGB] Matthew Carrier (MatGubbins on WOS)
[MWL] Matthew Wilson
[MWS] Matthew Westcott
[ODK] Olle 'Dasse' Karlsson
[OZZ] 'Ozzy'
[PAV] Pavel 'Pavero' Plíva
[PEC] Paul Equinox Collins
[PFR] Paul French
[PKD] Philip Kendall
[POL] 'Polardark'
[POP] Piotr 'PopoCop' Szymański
[RAF] Rafal
[RIC] Richie Harkness
[RIK] Rickard Berglind
[RMN] Robert Maines
[RUN] Keith Rundle
[RUS] Russell Marks
[SCR] Jamie 'Scribbler' Percival
[SED] Stewart Edgar
[SGL] 'Starglider'
[STP] 'Mr Stamper'
[VAL] Albert Valls
[VIK] Viktor Drozd
[VIN] Neil 'Vinsoft' Pointon
[WOO] Mark 'Woody' Woodmass
[XMX] 'xmikex' and Jamie Angus

...and the remaining uncredited files were done by me (Jim L.)

Note: If you have contributed any game endings to Speccy Spoilers and you want your name above turned into a link to your (preferably Speccy-related) website, please let me know the URL and it will be done!

Thanks also to these kind people who have helped along the way...
Dave 'The Lurker' for hosting this site on his server - top geezer!
Craig Vaughan for the Speccy Spoilers interview (and website plug) in Retro Gamer (issue seven).
Scribbler for allowing me to transfer some game endings from his Congraturations website.
TomCat for fixing a few corrupted game ending files.
Anyone else who has helped that I have rudely forgotten about.
You for bothering to visit my humble Speccy website! ;)

And finally, an almost urgent appeal for more contributions (and I don't mean cash, although some of that would be nice too)...

C'mon, there must be more of you out there willing to help expand the world's biggest, best (and only) ZX Spectrum game ending 'snapshot' archive (yeah OK, so it's not as cool as the RZX Archive - sob!). There are still many thousands of games to complete out there, so get to it!

Warning! Paulo 'Gamestage' Teixeira is a Batty Map Thieving Scumbag. Best wishes, dear visitor.