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comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition 2004

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Zip file
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C5 Clive Scorpio Gamesworld c5clive.zip
Canyon Warrior Mastertronic Plus canyonwarrior.zip
Capitan Sevilla Dinamic capitansevilla.zip * [CAD] & [CCC]
Capitan Trueno [Spanish / part 1 only] Dinamic capitantrueno.zip [PAV]
Captain Blood Infogrames / ERE Informatique captainblood.zip [MAD]
Carrier Command Rainbird carrier_end.zip [DAP]
Cashdash Tynesoft / Harry Price cashdash.zip
Castle Master Incentive castlemaster.zip * [DAP]
Castle Master 2 - The Crypt Incentive castlemaster2thecrypt.zip * [DAP]
Cauldron Palace cauldron.zip [MAD]
Cauldron 2 Palace cauldron2.zip
Cavelon Ocean cavelon.zip
Caveman CRL caveman.zip
Caves Of Doom Mastertronic cavesofdoom.zip [MAD]
Cesta Bojovníka [Slovak] Ultrasoft cestabojovnika.zip [PAV]
Chambers Of Death Automata UK chambersofdeath.zip
Chase H.Q. Ocean chasehq.zip [MAD]
Chase H.Q. 2 (Special Criminal Investigation) Ocean chasehq2.zip [BEE]
Chevy Chase Hi-Tec Software chevychase.zip [RIK]
Chicago 30's US Gold / Topo Soft chicago30s.zip
Chiller Mastertronic chiller.zip
Chinese Juggler Ocean chinesejuggler.zip
Chronos Mastertronic chronos.zip
Chubby Gristle Grand Slam Entertainments chubbygristle.zip [PAV]
Chuckie Egg A & F chuckieegg.zip [MEL]
Chuckie Egg 2 A & F chuckieegg2.zip [BAK]
Chuckman Mastertronic chuckman.zip
Classic Muncher Bubble Bus classicmuncher.zip
Cobra Ocean cobra.zip
Code Soft Concern code.zip [JBX]
Colin The Cleaner Tynesoft / IJK / Harry Price colinthecleaner.zip [PEC]
Comando Tracer [Spanish] Dinamic comandotracer.zip * [JAV]
Combat School Ocean combatschool.zip [RIC]
Comet Encounter Livewire cometencounter.zip
Commando Elite / Capcom [distribution denied] [MOR]
Contact Sam Cruise Microsphere contactsamcruise.zip
Cookie Ultimate Play The Game [distribution denied]
Cosmic Wartoad Ocean cosmicwartoad.zip [MAD]
Countdown Macsen countdown.zip
Covenant PSS covenant.zip [CAT]
Cowboy Kidz Byte Back cowboykidz_end.zip
Crazy Castles Automata UK crazycastles.zip
Crazy Caverns Firebird Silver crazycaverns.zip
Crazy Golf Jonathan Cauldwell [distribution denied]
Creepy Dungeons Automata UK creepydungeons.zip
Crime Busters Players Software crimebusters.zip [RIK]
Crime Busters Inc. Strobe (IJK) / Harry Price crimebustersinc.zip [BAK]+[JEL]
Critical Mass Durell criticalmass.zip [MOR]
Crystal Castles US Gold crystalcastles_level-18-end.zip
Cubitoid [AKA 'Norman'] Power House cubitoid.zip
Curro Jimenez [Spanish] Zigurat currojimenez.zip [PAV]
Curse Of Sherwood Mastertronic curseofsherwood.zip * [KOS]
Custerd's Quest Alpha Omega custerdsquest.zip
Cybernoid Hewson cybernoid.zip [JUI]
Cybernoid 2 - The Revenge Hewson cybernoid2therevenge.zip [BEE]
Cyclone Vortex cyclone.zip
Cylu Firebird Silver cylu.zip [BAK]
Cyrox Power House cyrox.zip