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comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition 2004

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Zip file
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Babaliba [Spanish] Dinamic babaliba.zip * [MIN]
Back To Skool Microsphere backtoskool.zip
Back To The Future Electric Dreams [distribution denied] [DAR]
Ballbreaker CRL ballbreaker.zip
Ballbreaker 2 CRL ballbreaker2.zip
Bangers And Mash Alternative bangersandmash.zip
Barbarian Palace barbarian.zip
Barbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax Palace barbarian2.zip
Bargain Basement Sparklers (Creative Sparks) bargainbasement.zip
Batman Ocean batman.zip * [BLQ]
Batman The Caped Crusader Ocean batmanthecapedcrusader.zip * [DAP]+[POP]
Batman The Movie Ocean batmanthemovie.zip * [PFR]
Batty Elite / Your Sinclair batty.zip
B.C.'s Quest For Tires Software Projects bcsquestfortires.zip
Beach Head US Gold beachhead.zip [MBR]
Benny Hill's Madcap Chase DK'Tronics bennyhillsmadcapchase.zip
Beyond The Ice Palace Elite beyondtheicepalace.zip
Big Ben Strikes Again Artic bigbenstrikesagain.zip
Billy Bong MC Lothlorien billybong.zip
Bionic Ninja Zeppelin bionicninja.zip * [BEE]
Biz Virgin / Chris Sievey biz.zip [BAK]
Blockbusters [+ Gold Run] Macsen blockbusters.zip
Blood Brothers Gremlin Graphics bloodbrothers.zip [MAD]
Blood 'N' Guts Quicksilva bloodnguts.zip * [JWM]
Bobby Bearing Edge bobbybearing.zip [BBR]
Bob's Full House TV Games / Domark bobsfullhouse.zip
Bomber Bob In Pentagon Capers Bug-Byte bomberbobinpentagoncapers.zip
Bomb Jack Elite bombjack.zip
Bomb Jack 2 Elite bombjack2.zip
Bombscare Firebird Silver bombscare.zip
Booty Firebird Silver booty.zip [LUK]
Bounder Gremlin Graphics bounder.zip [MOR]
Bounty Bob Strikes Back US Gold bountybobstrikesback.zip
Bowling 2000 [Czech] Fuxoft bowling2000.zip
Brainstorm [three different games] Firebird + Micromega + Bubble Bus brainstorm.zip [VIK]
Brat Attack Sinclair User / Players bratattack.zip
Breakthru US Gold breakthru.zip [BEE]
Brian Bloodaxe Edge brianbloodaxe.zip [ASH]
Bruce Lee US Gold brucelee.zip [SCR]
Bubble Bobble Firebird bubblebobble.zip
Bubbler Ultimate / US Gold [distribution denied]
Bubble Trouble [+ Bubble Run] Your Sinclair [+ Tynesoft] bubbletrouble.zip
Buccaneer Firebird Silver / Insight buccaneer.zip
Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom US Gold buckrogersplanetofzoom.zip
Bugaboo (The Flea) Quicksilva bugabootheflea.zip [MEL]
Bug Eyes Icon bugeyes.zip
Buggy Blast Firebird buggyblast.zip
Bullseye Macsen bullseye.zip
Bumpy Loriciels bumpy_level-100-end.zip
Butch Hard Guy Advance butchhardguy.zip