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comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition 2004

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Zip file
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Abe's Mission - Escape Brothers / CI5 / TCG abesmissionescape.zip
Action Biker Mastertronic actionbiker.zip
Action Farce 2 Crash / Nutty actionfarce2.zip
Action Reflex Mirrorsoft actionreflex.zip
A Day In The Life Micromega adayinthelife.zip
Addams Family Ocean addamsfamily.zip [PAV]
Afterburner Activision / Sega [distribution denied] [XMX]
Agent X Mastertronic agentx.zip
Agent X 2 Mastertronic agentx2.zip
Airwolf Elite airwolf.zip [DAP]
Alcatraz Harry Mastertronic alcatrazharry.zip
Alchemist Imagine alchemist.zip [FRM]
Alien 8 Ultimate Play The Game [distribution denied] [DAP]
Alien Highway (Encounter 2) Vortex alienhighway.zip [OZZ]
Aliens (The Computer Game) Electric Dreams [distribution denied] [MAD]
Aliens (The Computer Game) - US Version Electric Dreams [distribution denied] [RIC]
Alien Storm Go! / Sega alienstorm.zip [BEE]
Alien Syndrome Ace (Softek) / Sega aliensyndrome.zip [DMG]
Amaurote Mastertronic Added Dimension amaurote.zip * [DAP]+[BAK]
American 3D Pool Zeppelin american3dpool.zip
Anarchy Hewson Rack-It anarchy.zip [MAD]
Android Vortex android.zip
Animated Strip Poker Knightsoft animatedstrippoker.zip [DAR]
Ano Gaia Your Sinclair / S. Tillson anogaia.zip [BEE]
Ant Attack Quicksilva antattack.zip [MEL]
Antics (Birds And The Bees 2) Software Projects antics.zip [FRM]
Antteroo Central Solutions antteroo.zip
Apollo 2 Mastertronic apollo2.zip
Arcadia Imagine arcadia.zip
Area 51 J. Cauldwell / Minigame Comp. area51.zip [BEE]
Arkanoid Imagine (Ocean) arkanoid.zip
Arkanoid 2 - Revenge Of Doh Imagine (Ocean) arkanoid2revengeofdoh.zip [RIC]
Army Moves Imagine (Ocean) / Dinamic armymoves.zip * [JAV]
Aspar G.P. Master [Spanish] Dinamic aspargpmaster.zip [VAL]
Asterix And The Magic Cauldron Melbourne House asterixandthemagiccauldron.zip [MAD]
Astroclone Hewson astroclone.zip [JMK]
Astro Marine Corps [Spanish] Dinamic astromarinecorps.zip * [CAD]
Athena Imagine (Ocean) athena.zip
Atic Atac Ultimate Play The Game [distribution denied] [MAD]
Atom Ant Hi-Tec atomant_end.zip
A Trick Of The Tale Central Solutions atrickofthetale.zip
Auf Wiedersehen Monty Gremlin Graphics aufwiedersehenmonty.zip [MAD]
Aural Quest Star Dreams / Stranglers auralquest.zip *
Automania Mikro-Gen automania.zip [VAL]
Avalon (The 3D Adventure Movie) Hewson avalon.zip * [RMN]
A View To A Kill 007 (The Computer Game) Domark aviewtoakill007.zip [RIC]
A Whole New Ball Game Your Sinclair / Pete Cooke awholenewballgame.zip