Customising ResiDOS

As well as being able to configure ResiDOS to automatically set up drive mappings and default drives when you boot up, you can customise it in other ways.

All "permanent" settings are held in a special system file called residos.cfg which is saved on the first available partition of your system. This is a text-based configuration file, so if you wish you can edit it on your PC/Mac, as well as using the normal ResiDOS commands.

If you switch cards, then a new config file will be created on the new card. This allows you to keep different settings for different cards (for example, the AUTORUN file will probably need to be different). If you prefer to keep the same settings, you can simply copy the residos.cfg file across from one card to the other.

You can stop the permanent settings (and automapping) from happening if you hold down the CAPS SHIFT key whilst booting the Spectrum. You can also delete all permanent settings in one go by deleting the residos.cfg file.

Custom colours

You can choose custom colours which will be set every time the Spectrum starts up, rather than the usual boring old black on white. To do this, use the normal colour commands, but followed by "%". By using the percentage sign you specify that the current colour scheme (including the new colour you are just setting) will be used whenever you boot. Additionally, you can use the new ATTR command to specify all colours together (this is calculated as ink+(paper*8)+(bright*64)+(flash*128)). The commands are:

Note that because the % sets all the current scheme as default, the following examples have the same effect, and set a default colour scheme of yellow ink on blue paper:

Autorun files

You can also set an "autorun" file. This must be a BASIC program (which can do whatever you like) which will run automatically on boot, or just whenever you enter the special %AUTORUN command.

To set an autorun file, use one of the following commands:

You may specify a drive and/or user area with the filename (otherwise the defaults will be assumed). These two commands differ, because with the second case, the autorun file will automatically be loaded every time you reset (or NEW) your Spectrum. The first command stores the filename, but will not load it unless you enter the following command:

Note that you can hold the CAPS SHIFT key down when booting to stop drives from being automatically mapped, so any autorun file will not be able to be loaded.

You can disable the autorun file with the following command:

Processor speed

Some systems (only ZX-Badaloc, at the time of writing) allow the Z80 processor speed to be increased above the standard 3.54MHz. The following commands can be used to select the system speed:

Each command sets the current speed to n (discussed below). If the "+" option is used, then the speed is made permanent and takes effect every time the Spectrum starts up. If the "-" option is used, then any permanent speed setting is removed, and the Spectrum reverts to the default system speed every time it starts up.

The value of n depends on the system. For ZX-Badaloc it is as follows:

This command may be executed on all ResiDOS systems, although it will have no effect on anything except ZX-Badaloc.

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