If you want to link to WoS, please use the following URL:


You are specifically requested not to link to individual binaries or pictures (this is known as 'deep-linking', a practice that is generally frowned upon and widely considered bad netiquette).

If you want to link to a specific item, please link to a Sinclair Infoseek query, rather than a direct FTP download (as filenames may change).

For example, if you want to link to the game Abu Simbel Profanation, use this link:

    <A HREF="">

where '+' is an encoded space (same as '%20'), so don't double-encode it to '%2B' as some people do. It just won't work ;-)

Since a title can also change, when we find out it is not 100% correct, it may even be better (and it's simpler, too) to link to the query by database id, e.g.

    <A HREF="">

for Abu Simbel Profanation. You can obtain these direct links from the entry itself, as the Full title is a self-referencing link.
Notice that links by database id can be made for any item, be it software, hardware or books.

Need a picture in your link list? You could use this one if you like (80x42, 1652 bytes):

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