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ZX Spectrum+ User Guide

[Book cover]
Full titleZX Spectrum+ User Guide
Year of release1984
PublisherDorling Kindersley Ltd (UK) / Sinclair Research Ltd (UK)
Re-released byDorling Kindersley [NL] (Netherlands) (as 'ZX Spectrum+ Gebruikshandleiding')
Dorling Kindersley [DE] (Germany) (as 'ZX Spectrum+ Handbuch fur Benutzer')
Dorling Kindersley [FR] (France) (as 'ZX Spectrum+ Guide de l'Utilisateur')
Dorling Kindersley [ES] (Spain) (as 'ZX Spectrum+ Guia para el Empleo')
Dorling Kindersley [IT] (Italy) (as 'Manuale Operativo per ZX Spectrum+')
Dorling Kindersley [TR] (Turkey) (as 'ZX Spectrum+ El Kitabi')
Czerweny Electronica S.A.I.C. (Argentina) (as 'CZ Spectrum Manual de Uso')
Author(s)Neil Ardley
TypeBook: Paperback
Number of pages80
Original price£4.95
CommentsCame with a tape ZX Spectrum+ User Guide Companion Cassette.
Czerweny Electronica S.A.I.C. translated it into Spanish and changed the photographs to show the CZ Spectrum, an Argentinian Spectrum clone.
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Support material
ZXSpectrum+UserGuide.jpg125,388(Scan of the book cover)
ZXSpectrum+UserGuide(CZSpectrumManualDeUso)(CzerwenyElectronicaS.A.I.C.).jpg112,444(Scan of the book cover)
ZXSpectrum+UserGuide(ManualeOperativoPerZXSpectrum+).jpg47,007(Scan of the book cover)
ZXSpectrum+UserGuide(ZXSpectrum+Gebruikshandleiding).jpg49,720(Scan of the book cover)
ZXSpectrum+UserGuide(ZXSpectrum+GuiaDeFuncionamiento).jpg120,585(Scan of the book cover)
ZXSpectrum+UserGuide(ZXSpectrum+GuiaParaElEmpleo).jpg122,667(Scan of the book cover)
ZXSpectrum+UserGuide(ZXSpectrum+GuideDeLUtilisateur).jpg67,177(Scan of the book cover)
ZXSpectrum+UserGuide(ZXSpectrum+HandbuchFurBenutzer).jpg92,048(Scan of the book cover)
ZXSpectrum+UserGuide(ZXSpectrum+ManualDeUtilizacao).jpg46,722(Scan of the book cover)
ZXSpectrum+UserGuide.pdf17,877,366(Complete book)
ZXSpectrum+UserGuide(CZSpectrumManualDeUso)(CzerwenyElectronicaS.A.I.C.).pdf25,412,055(Complete book)
ZXSpectrum+UserGuide(ZXSpectrum+ElKitabi).pdf15,334,603(Complete book)
ZXSpectrum+UserGuide(ZXSpectrum+Gebruikshandleiding).zip34,599,708(Complete book)
ZXSpectrum+UserGuide(ZXSpectrum+GuiaParaElEmpleo).pdf23,090,912(Complete book)
ZXSpectrum+UserGuide(ZXSpectrum+GuideDeLUtilisateur).zip39,593,181(Complete book)
ZXSpectrum+UserGuide(ZXSpectrum+HandbuchFurBenutzer).zip40,307,410(Complete book)

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