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ZX Spectrum BASIC Programming

[Book cover]
Full titleZX Spectrum BASIC Programming
Year of release1982
PublisherSinclair Research Ltd (UK)
Re-released byDATAforlaget (Denmark) (as 'Sinclair ZX Spectrum en Regnbue i en Datamat - et Kursus i BASIC-programmering')
Investronica S.A. (Spain)
Verlag Cooperation (Germany) (as 'Sinclair ZX Spectrum BASIC-Programmierung')
Author(s)Steven Vickers, Penny Vickers, Robin Bradbeer
TypeBook: Spiral bound
Number of pages192
Original pricefree with Spectrum
Comments2nd and 3rd editions both published in 1983.
Translated into German in 1983, on ISBN 3-88945-011-3.
Translated into French in 1983.
Translated into Danish in 1983, on ISBN 87-88267-06-7 (also available separately, for DKK 148).
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ZXSpectrumBASICProgramming.html(Complete book)
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ZXSpectrumBASICProgramming(SinclairZXSpectrumBASIC-Programmierung)(VerlagCooperation).jpg157,714(Scan of the book cover)
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ZXSpectrumBASICProgramming_2ndEdition.zip25,450,992(Complete book)
ZXSpectrumBASICProgramming_3rdEdition.zip30,838,115(Complete book)
ZXSpectrumBASICProgramming(InvestronicaS.A.).pdf5,709,594(Complete book)
ZXSpectrumBASICProgramming(SinclairZXSpectrumBASIC-Programmierung)(VerlagCooperation).zip35,571,911(Complete book)
ZXSpectrumBASICProgramming(SinclairZXSpectrumEnRegnbueIEnDatamat-EtKursusIBASIC-programmering)(DATAforlaget).pdf9,584,610(Complete book)

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