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Over the Spectrum

[Book cover]
Full titleOver the Spectrum
Year of release1982
PublisherMelbourne House (UK)
Re-released byGruppo Editoriale Jackson (Italy) (as 'Ai Confini dello Spectrum - Applicazioni Avanzate')
Kluwer Technische Boeken B.V. (Netherlands) (as 'BASIC-Programma's voor de ZX Spectrum')
Paraninfo S.A. (Spain) (as 'Programacion Paso a Paso con el Spectrum')
Author(s)Philip Williams, Neil Streeter
TypeBook: Paperback
Number of pages164
Original price£6.95
CommentsPeople who didn't fancy typing in the type-ins could buy them on 3 tapes (Over the Spectrum Cassette 1, Over the Spectrum Cassette 2 and Over the Spectrum Cassette 3).
Translated into Dutch in 1984, on ISBN 90-201-1718-1
Translated into Italian in 1985, on ISBN 88-7056-197-6
Translated into Spanish in 1985, on ISBN 84-283-1373-3
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Support material
OverTheSpectrum.jpg236,600(Scan of the book cover)
OverTheSpectrum(AiConfiniDelloSpectrum-ApplicazioniAvanzate)(GruppoEditorialeJackson).jpg173,570(Scan of the book cover)
OverTheSpectrum(BASIC-ProgrammasVoorDeZXSpectrum)(KluwerTechnischeBoeken).jpg212,993(Scan of the book cover)
OverTheSpectrum(ProgramacionPasoAPasoConElSpectrum)(ParaninfoS.A.).jpg141,463(Scan of the book cover)
OverTheSpectrum.pdf12,024,556(Complete book)
OverTheSpectrum(BASIC-ProgrammasVoorDeZXSpectrum)(KluwerTechnischeBoeken).zip27,464,970(Complete book)

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