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Master Your ZX Microdrive

[Book cover]
Full titleMaster Your ZX Microdrive
Year of release1983
PublisherSunshine Books Ltd (UK)
Re-released byArte de Viver (Portugal) (as 'Domine o Seu ZX Microdrive')
Birkhauser Verlag (Germany) (as 'ZX Microdrive-Buch')
Ediciones Tecnicas Rede S.A. (Spain) (as 'ZX Microdrive')
Hachette Jeunesse (France) (as 'ZX Spectrum et Ses Microdrives, Le')
Kluwer Technische Boeken B.V. (Netherlands) (as 'Werken met de ZX Microdrive')
Author(s)Andrew Pennell
TypeBook: Paperback
Number of pages135
Original price£6.95
Comments1st Edition: 1983 (135 pages)
2nd Edition: 1984 (141 pages)
Edition notes: Same front cover - different back cover.
Translated into Spanish in 1984
Translated into German in 1985, on ISBN 3-7643-1600-4
Translated into Dutch in 1985, on ISBN 90-201-1856-0
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Support material
MasterYourZXMicrodrive.jpg266,428(Scan of the book cover)
MasterYourZXMicrodrive(DomineOSeuZXMicrodrive)(ArteDeViver).jpg714,963(Scan of the book cover)
MasterYourZXMicrodrive(WerkenMetDeZXMicrodrive)(KluwerTechnischeBoeken).jpg274,591(Scan of the book cover)
MasterYourZXMicrodrive(ZXMicrodrive)(EdicionesTecnicasRede).jpg185,495(Scan of the book cover)
MasterYourZXMicrodrive(ZXMicrodrive-Buch)(BirkhauserVerlag).jpg105,718(Scan of the book cover)
MasterYourZXMicrodrive(ZXSpectrumEtSesMicrodrivesLe)(HachetteJeunesse).jpg369,733(Scan of the book cover)
MasterYourZXMicrodrive_1stEdition.pdf47,972,263(Complete book)
MasterYourZXMicrodrive(DomineOSeuZXMicrodrive)(ArteDeViver).pdf4,757,766(Complete book)
MasterYourZXMicrodrive(WerkenMetDeZXMicrodrive)(KluwerTechnischeBoeken).zip31,869,972(Complete book)

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