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Exploring Spectrum BASIC

[Book cover]
Full titleExploring Spectrum BASIC
Year of release1982
PublisherTimedata Ltd (UK)
Re-released byGruppo Editoriale Jackson (Italy) (as 'Alla Scoperta del BASIC Spectrum')
Verbo (Brazil) (as 'Aprofundar o BASIC do Spectum')
Author(s)Mike Lord
TypeBook: Paperback
Number of pages191
Original price£4.95
CommentsTranslated into Italian in 1985 (L.34,000)
Score 9.00 (2 votes)   See scores and vote!

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MazeMike Lord, Gentry Lee135
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Support material
ExploringSpectrumBASIC.jpg226,769(Scan of the book cover)
ExploringSpectrumBASIC(AprofundarOBASICDoSpectum)(Verbo).jpg151,686(Scan of the book cover)
ExploringSpectrumBASIC(AllaScopertaDelBASICSpectrum)(GruppoEditorialeJackson).pdf12,606,291(Complete book)
ExploringSpectrumBASIC(AprofundarOBASICDoSpectum)(Verbo).pdf44,017,955(Complete book)

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