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Easy Programming for the ZX Spectrum

[Book cover]
Full titleEasy Programming for the ZX Spectrum
Year of release1982
PublisherShiva Publishing Ltd (UK)
Re-released byAschehoug (Norway) (as 'Knep & Trim for Spectrum og ZX81')
Birkhauser Verlag (Germany) (as 'Sinclair ZX Spectrum: Programmieren Leicht Gemacht')
Borgen (Denmark) (as 'Laer BASIC-Programmering med ZX Spectrum')
Cedic Nathan (France) (as 'Premiers Pas avec le ZX Spectrum')
Kluwer Technische Boeken B.V. (Netherlands) (as 'BASIC met de ZX Spectrum')
Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.p.A. (Italy) (as 'Piacere di Programmare con lo ZX Spectrum, Il')
Penerbit PT Gramedia (Indonesia) (as 'Belajar Program dengan Mudah pada Sinclair ZX Spectrum')
Author(s)Ian N. Stewart, Robin N. Jones
TypeBook: Paperback
Original price£5.95
CommentsFriendly Micro Series
Translated into German in 1983, on ISBN 3-7643-1491-5
Translated into Dutch in 1983, on ISBN 90-621-5076-4
Translated into French in 1983.
Translated into Italian in 1984.
Translated into Norwegian in 1984.
Translated into Indonesian in 1984.
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Support material
EasyProgrammingForTheZXSpectrum.jpg211,971(Scan of the book cover)
EasyProgrammingForTheZXSpectrum(BASICMetDeZXSpectrum)(KluwerTechnischeBoeken).jpg146,748(Scan of the book cover)
EasyProgrammingForTheZXSpectrum(PremiersPasAvecLeZXSpectrum)(CedicNathan).jpg127,370(Scan of the book cover)
EasyProgrammingForTheZXSpectrum(SinclairZXSpectrum-ProgrammierenLeichtGemacht)(BirkhauserVerlag).jpg87,002(Scan of the book cover)
EasyProgrammingForTheZXSpectrum.pdf29,492,509(Complete book)
EasyProgrammingForTheZXSpectrum(BASICMetDeZXSpectrum)(KluwerTechnischeBoeken).zip25,426,531(Complete book)

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