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Computer Puzzles: For Spectrum & ZX81

[Book cover]
Full titleComputer Puzzles: For Spectrum & ZX81
Year of release1982
PublisherShiva Publishing Ltd (UK)
Re-released byBirkhauser Verlag (Germany) (as 'ZX Spielkiste')
Edicoes Cetop (Portugal) (as 'Jogos de Paciencias e Puzzles para o Spectrum e ZX81')
Studieforlaget (Sweden) (as 'Knep & Knap med Spectrum och ZX81')
Studieforlaget (Sweden) (as 'ZX81/Spectrum Magiaa')
Author(s)Ian N. Stewart, Robin N. Jones
TypeBook: Paperback
Number of pages60
Original price£2.50
CommentsTranslated into German in 1983, on ISBN 3-7643-1493-1
Translated into Swedish in 1983.
Translated into Finnish in 1983.
Translated into Potuguese in 1986.
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Support material
ComputerPuzzles-ForSpectrumZX81.jpg422,432(Scan of the book cover)
ComputerPuzzles-ForSpectrumZX81(JogosDePacienciasEPuzzlesParaOSpectrumEZX81)(EdicoesCetop).jpg677,207(Scan of the book cover)
ComputerPuzzles-ForSpectrumZX81(ZXSpielkiste)(BirkhauserVerlag).jpg99,814(Scan of the book cover)
ComputerPuzzles-ForSpectrumZX81.zip5,426,862(Complete book)
ComputerPuzzles-ForSpectrumZX81(JogosDePacienciasEPuzzlesParaOSpectrumEZX81)(EdicoesCetop).pdf4,067,913(Complete book)

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