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40 Best Machine Code Routines for the ZX Spectrum

Full title40 Best Machine Code Routines for the ZX Spectrum
Year of release1983
PublisherHewson Consultants Ltd (UK)
Re-released byBirkhauser Verlag (Germany) (as 'Maschinencode-Routinen fur den ZX Spectrum')
Indescomp S.A. (Spain) (as '40 Mejores Subrutinas en Codigo Maquina para el Spectrum, Las')
Kluwer Technische Boeken B.V. (Netherlands) (as 'ZX Spectrum Machinetaalroutines')
Verbo (Brazil) (as 'As Melhores Rotinas para a ZX Spectrum')
Author(s)John Hardman, Andrew Hewson
TypeBook: Paperback
Number of pages144
Original price£5.95
CommentsTranslated into German in 1983, on ISBN 3-7643-1559-8
Translated into Spanish in 1984, on ISBN 84-86176-09-3
Translated into Dutch in 1985, on ISBN 90-201-1797-1.
Translated into Portuguese in 1985
Andrew Hewson and John Hardman received the award for the Best Computer Book 1984 at the recent Computer Trade Association Awards ceremony.
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Support material
40BestMachineCodeRoutinesForTheZXSpectrum.jpg173,013(Scan of the book cover)
40BestMachineCodeRoutinesForTheZXSpectrum(40MejoresSubrutinasEnCodigoMaquinaParaElSpectrumLas)(IndescompS.A.).jpg223,076(Scan of the book cover)
40BestMachineCodeRoutinesForTheZXSpectrum(AsMelhoresRotinasParaAZXSpectrum)(Verbo).jpg121,803(Scan of the book cover)
40BestMachineCodeRoutinesForTheZXSpectrum(Maschinencode-RoutinenFurDenZXSpectrum)(BirkhauserVerlag).jpg114,618(Scan of the book cover)
40BestMachineCodeRoutinesForTheZXSpectrum(ZXSpectrumMachinetaalroutines)(KluwerTechnischeBoeken).jpg270,033(Scan of the book cover)
40BestMachineCodeRoutinesForTheZXSpectrum.pdf6,702,450(Complete book)
40BestMachineCodeRoutinesForTheZXSpectrum(AsMelhoresRotinasParaAZXSpectrum)(Verbo).pdf15,628,436(Complete book)
40BestMachineCodeRoutinesForTheZXSpectrum(ZXSpectrumMachinetaalroutines)(KluwerTechnischeBoeken).zip31,699,469(Complete book)

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