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Cambridge Colour Collection

[Book cover]
Full titleCambridge Colour Collection
Also known as20 Programs for the ZX Spectrum
Year of release1982
PublisherRichard Francis Altwasser (UK)
Author(s)Richard Francis Altwasser
TypeBook: Paperback
Number of pages64
Original price£6.95
CommentsA tape containing all 20 programs (Cambridge Colour Collection) was sold separately, for £2.95
SPOT commentsbook + program cassette
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Available Type-ins
Android NimRichard Francis Altwasser12
BiorhythmsRichard Francis Altwasser22
BreakoutRichard Francis Altwasser38
CalendarRichard Francis Altwasser5
DefenderRichard Francis Altwasser40
FighterRichard Francis Altwasser51
GraphicsRichard Francis Altwasser61
Home AccountsRichard Francis Altwasser29
KingdomRichard Francis Altwasser46
Lunar LandingRichard Francis Altwasser9
MastermindRichard Francis Altwasser34
MathsRichard Francis Altwasser20
MazeRichard Francis Altwasser7
MillionaireRichard Francis Altwasser53
MorseRichard Francis Altwasser15
OthelloRichard Francis Altwasser42
PatternsRichard Francis Altwasser64
Red CrossRichard Francis Altwasser59
RotateRichard Francis Altwasser57
TelephoneRichard Francis Altwasser25
(20 titles found)

Support material
CambridgeColourCollection.jpg128,259(Scan of the book cover)
CambridgeColourCollection.pdf34,547,204(Complete book)

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