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Saga GLP

[No photograph available yet]
Device nameSaga GLP
ManufacturerSaga Systems Ltd (UK)
TypeHardware: Printing
Original price£199.95
Score No votes yet   See scores and vote!

Magazine references
Popular Computing Weekly5.86page 312(Review - Centronics GLP-II) [full page]
Popular Computing Weekly6.86page 108(Letter - Centronics GLP-II) [full page]
Popular Computing Weekly6.86page 405(News/Note - Centronics GLP-II) [full page]
ZX Computing6.86page 24(Review - Centronics GLP-II) [full page]
Popular Computing Weekly8.86page 410(Letter - Centronics GLP-II) [full page]

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Popular Computing Weekly supplement5.86page 402(Advert) [full page]
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Popular Computing Weekly6.86page 133(Advert) [full page]
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