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ZX Spectrum 128 +3

Device nameZX Spectrum 128 +3
ManufacturerAmstrad (UK)
TypeHardware: Computer
Original price£199.00
NotesThe package included the book ZX Spectrum +3 Manual.
A small hardware revision later brought the +3b (not a completely separate model).
The ROM image is available at Phil Kendall's The Spectrum ROMs Collection.
You could also buy the special set, ZX Spectrum +3 Action Pack.
Score 10.00 (1 vote)   See scores and vote!

Support material
ZXSpectrum128+2b-+3b_AmendmentServiceManual.zip2,330,319(Hardware technical documentation)
ZXSpectrum128+2b-+3b_ServiceManual.zip481,586(Hardware technical documentation)
ZXSpectrum128+3b_Schematics.png238,152(Hardware technical documentation)
ZXSpectrum128+3_Oddities.txt18,279(Hardware technical documentation)
ZXSpectrum128+3_ServiceManual.html(Hardware technical documentation)
ZXSpectrum128+3_ServiceManual.pdf660,878(Hardware technical documentation)
ZXSpectrum128+3_ServiceManual.zip510,721(Hardware technical documentation)
ZXSpectrum128+3.jpg337,117(Hardware advertisement scan)
ZXSpectrum128+3_2.zip668,636(Hardware advertisement scan)
Boots+3ActionPack.jpg62,321(Hardware picture)
ZXSpectrum128+3.jpg263,095(Hardware picture)

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Magazine adverts
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