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ZX Spectrum 128 +2A

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Device nameZX Spectrum 128 +2A
ManufacturerAmstrad (UK)
TypeHardware: Computer
Original price£149.00
NotesThe package included the book ZX Spectrum +2A Manual.
Essentially a redesign of the ZX Spectrum 128 +2, this model can be distinguished from the earlier machine by colour (initially). Rather than being grey, it is black. Internally, the +2A is closely related to the ZX Spectrum 128 +3 model; in essence, the disk drive from the +3 was removed and replaced by the cassette recorder used in the earlier design.
A small hardware revision later brought the +2B (not a completely separate model).
The ROM image is available at Phil Kendall's The Spectrum ROMs Collection.
You could also buy one of the special sets, the James Bond 007 Action Pack, Police Pack or the ZX Spectrum +2 Action Pack.
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Support material
ZXSpectrum128+2a-+3_Schematics.png245,908(Hardware technical documentation)
ZXSpectrum128+2a-+3_Schematics.zip452,581(Hardware technical documentation)
ZXSpectrum128+2b-+3b_AmendmentServiceManual.zip2,330,319(Hardware technical documentation)
ZXSpectrum128+2b-+3b_ServiceManual.pdf481,586(Hardware technical documentation)
ZXSpectrum128+2b_Mainboard-Bottom.jpg1,815,381(Hardware technical documentation)
ZXSpectrum128+2b_Mainboard-Top.jpg1,784,068(Hardware technical documentation)
ZXSpectrum128+2b_Schematics.png197,202(Hardware technical documentation)
ZXSpectrum128+2a_Inside.jpg1,066,278(Hardware picture)

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