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ZX Spectrum 128 +2

[No photograph available yet]
Device nameZX Spectrum 128 +2
ManufacturerAmstrad (UK)
TypeHardware: Computer
Original price£149.00
NotesThe package included the book ZX Spectrum +2 Manual.
This model was later superseded by the ZX Spectrum 128 +2A.
The ROM image is available at Phil Kendall's The Spectrum ROMs Collection.
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Support material
ZXSpectrum128+2_RGBToVGA.pdf235,289(Hardware technical documentation)
ZXSpectrum128+2_ServiceManual.pdf829,445(Hardware technical documentation)
ZXSpectrum128+2.jpg272,304(Hardware advertisement scan)
ZXSpectrum128+2_2.zip822,775(Hardware advertisement scan)
Dixons+2Pack.jpg65,884(Hardware picture)
ZXSpectrum128+2_CurrysXmas-ad.avi3,260,416(Photos and promotional material)

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Magazine adverts
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