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ZX Spectrum 128K

Device nameZX Spectrum 128K
Also known asDerby
ManufacturerSinclair Research Ltd (UK)
TypeHardware: Computer
Original price£179.95
NotesThe package included the book ZX Spectrum 128 Introduction.
A separate numeric ZX Spectrum 128K Keypad was available as well.
The ROM image is available at Phil Kendall's The Spectrum ROMs Collection.
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Support material
ZXSpectrum128K_Folder.zip1,664,457(Scanned English manual)
ZXSpectrum128K-PCB_Bottom.jpg4,925,129(Hardware technical documentation)
ZXSpectrum128K-PCB_Top.jpg5,888,122(Hardware technical documentation)
ZXSpectrum128K_OriginalTechnicalSpecification(1985).pdf14,369,034(Hardware technical documentation)
ZXSpectrum128K_SpanishLeaflet.pdf1,706,498(Hardware technical documentation)
ZXSpectrum128K_TechnicalDocumentation.zip2,369,019(Hardware technical documentation)
ZXSpectrum128K_TechnicalManual.pdf10,907,378(Hardware technical documentation)
ZXSpectrum128K(InvestronicaS.A.).jpg191,943(Hardware advertisement scan)
ZXSpectrum128K.jpg281,968(Hardware picture)
ZXSpectrum128K_Box.jpg316,920(Hardware picture)

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Magazine adverts
Crash4.86page 37(CompoEntry) [full page]
ZX Computing4.86page 50(CompoEntry) [full page]
Crash5.86page 61(CompoEntry) [full page]
ZX Computing5.86page 50(CompoEntry) [full page]
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