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ZX Spectrum+

Device nameZX Spectrum+
ManufacturerSinclair Research Ltd (UK)
TypeHardware: Computer
Original price£179.95
NotesThe package included the book ZX Spectrum+ User Guide.
The ROM image is available at Phil Kendall's The Spectrum ROMs Collection.
Score 10.00 (2 votes)   See scores and vote!

Support material
ZXSpectrum+.jpg338,587(Hardware picture)
ZXSpectrum+_Box.jpg299,964(Hardware picture)
ZXSpectrum+_Leaflet.zip3,804,912(Photos and promotional material)
ZXSpectrum+_UKTV-ad.mpg3,805,188(Photos and promotional material)

Magazine references
Home Computing Weekly10.84page 401(News/Note - Spectrum+ release) [full page]
Home Computing Weekly10.84page 405(Feature - Spectrum+ review) [full page]
Personal Computer News10.84page 301(News/Note - Spectrum gets a facelift)
Popular Computing Weekly10.84page 101(News/Note - New micro for Sinclair?) [full page]
Popular Computing Weekly10.84page 301(News/Note) [full page]
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New Computer Express3.89page 125(Feature - Rubber keys to plus threes)

Magazine adverts
Popular Computing Weekly11.84page 208(CompoEntry) [full page]
Popular Computing Weekly11.84page 407(CompoEntry) [full page]
Crash12.84page 84(CompoEntry) [full page]
Popular Computing Weekly12.84page 317(CompoResult) [full page]
Crash1.85page 68(CompoEntry) [full page]
Crash3.85page 40(CompoResult) [full page]
Your Spectrum3.85page 57(CompoEntry) [full page]
Personal Computer News4.85page 437(CompoEntry)
Your Spectrum6.85page 3(CompoResult) [full page]
Your Spectrum7.85page 10(CompoResult) [full page]
Popular Computing Weekly11.85page 308(Two-page ad - Trying to play all the games you can get for the Sinclair could kill you. (About 5,000 times.)) [full page]
Computer & Video Games12.85page 6(Two-page ad) [full page]
Your Computer12.85page 74(Two-page ad - Trying to play all the games you can get for the Sinclair could kill you. (About 5,000 times.)) [full page]
Computer & Video Games9.86page 92(CompoResult) [full page]

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