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RamTurbo Interface

Device nameRamTurbo Interface
Also known asSpectrum Turbo Interface
ManufacturerRam Electronics Ltd (UK)
TypeHardware: Joystick
Original price£22.95
Budget price£18.50
BlurbTurbo Charge Your Spectrum!
NotesROM cartridge slot that took the Sinclair cartridge games such as Jetpac, Cookie and Horace.
The twin joystick ports could support Kempston (the rightmost one), Protek(Cursor) (the leftmost one, after programming) or Sinclair (both).
Hold down the Joystick's fire button on boot to activate Protek(Cursor) mode.
A small reset button on the side was available on units produced from Christmas '85 onward.
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Support material
RamTurboInterface_Manual.zip66,297(English manual)
RamTurboInterface.jpg121,314(Hardware advertisement scan)
RamTurboInterface_2.jpg389,954(Hardware advertisement scan)
RamTurboInterface.jpg135,731(Hardware picture)
RamTurboInterface_2.jpg147,949(Hardware picture)
RamTurboInterface_Box.jpg153,750(Hardware picture)
RamTurboInterface_PCB-Bottom.jpg682,072(Hardware picture)
RamTurboInterface_PCB-Top.jpg583,832(Hardware picture)

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