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Prism VTX5000 Modem

Device namePrism VTX5000 Modem
ManufacturerO.E. Ltd (UK)
TypeHardware: Telecom/Network
Original price£74.95
Budget price£29.95
Blurb1200/75 baud modem with viewdata terminal software on ROM. This modem was initially for use with Micronet 800 (a section of Prestel), but due to other software, was able to access other non-viewdata (scrolling) systems. Also able to do 1200/1200 half duplex.
NotesCame with the VTX 5000 User To User Communications Software tape.
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Support material
PrismVTX5000Modem.zip15,011,384(Scanned English manual - please help typing this up!)
PrismVTX5000Modem_Schematics-Interface.bmp286,774(Hardware technical documentation)
PrismVTX5000Modem_Schematics-Modem.bmp286,774(Hardware technical documentation)
PrismVTX5000Modem.gif261,606(Hardware advertisement scan)
PrismVTX5000Modem_2.jpg163,870(Hardware advertisement scan)
PrismVTX5000Modem.jpg74,482(Hardware picture)
PrismVTX5000Modem_56-waySplitterCable_1.jpg151,853(Hardware picture)
PrismVTX5000Modem_56-waySplitterCable_2.jpg127,239(Hardware picture)
PrismVTX5000Modem_Box-Back.jpg73,923(Hardware picture)
PrismVTX5000Modem_Box-Front.jpg66,819(Hardware picture)
PrismVTX5000Modem_PCB.jpg163,621(Hardware picture)

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