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On/Off Switch

Device nameOn/Off Switch
ManufacturerTEC Publications (UK)
TypeHardware: Miscellaneous
Original price£4.95
BlurbSaves wear & tear.
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Support material
OnOffSwitch.jpg57,442(Hardware advertisement scan)
OnOffSwitch_Front.jpg275,661(Hardware picture)
OnOffSwitch_Installed-Front.jpg285,978(Hardware picture)
OnOffSwitch_Installed-Side.jpg260,373(Hardware picture)
OnOffSwitch_Side.jpg280,265(Hardware picture)
OnOffSwitch_Top.jpg269,377(Hardware picture)

Magazine references
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Sinclair User1.86page 47(News/Note - Reset switches & Data Binder (Tec)[full page]
Your Sinclair6.86page 40(Feature - Hardware bonanza) [full page]

Magazine adverts
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